Portable, High-Performance Echo-Free Enclosures for Acoustic Testing and Research Described

Ten models of portable anechoic chambers (PACs) are discussed in an illustrated 4-page brochure from Eckel Industries, Inc., Acoustic Division, Cambridge, MA. These standard design, full anechoic chamber PACs are ideal for conducting a broad spectrum of acoustic testing and research including: o noise studies of small electronic, electrical, and mechanical equipment, devices, and systems o evaluation of smartphones, e-books, and other personal communications devices o calibration of microphones o free-field response testing of loudspeakers o determination of hearing aid characteristics, and o behavior studies of small animals. Eckel's high acoustic performance portable anechoic chambers are available in three styles - preassembled chambers, sectional chambers, and modular chambers - in a range of sizes, with low frequency cutoffs of 150 Hz, 200 Hz, 250 Hz, and 450-500 Hz.

Features and dimensions (O.D. and free-field) of the three different types of PACs are detailed. The preassembled units, for example, have a 4" thick welded attenutating wall structure. The sectional chambers are supplied in two or three section units for assembly on location. The modular PACs incorporate Eckel's HDS 4" heavy duty panel design to form a 8'7" or a 9'8" cube (O.D.) enclosure. Included with the models, as standard, are a magnetic seal door, electric lighting, and pipe sleeve penetrations.

The anechoic wedge designs available for PACs are outlined, and several are shown. These wedge designs include perforated metallic (EMW), standard (EW), fiberglass cloth covered, E-element, and Melamine foam.

Also supplied in the Eckel Portable Anechoic Chambers bulletin is information on the various optional equipment and accessories offered, such as vibration isolation, floor grating, removable floor wedges, and ventilation.

For a free copy of this brochure, contact Eckel Industries, Inc., Acoustic Division, 155 Fawcett Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138. Telephone: 617-491-3221; e-mail: eckel@eckelusa.com.

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