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Portable, FlexTop Graphics Workstation Incorporates Dual PCI Express x16 Slots

August 31, 2006, NextComputing, creators of the first FlexTop computer, the NextDimension, announced today the incorporation of Dual PCI Express x16 slots, enabling the use of any high end COTS single slot card, inside this personal super computer. In November of 2005, NextComputing introduced the NextDimension as the first "FlexTop" computer; defined as an open standards, high performance mobile workstation with extreme processing and graphics capabilities.

This newest feature addition to the NextDimension addresses the need for open standards technology in a small, portable footprint, together with processing power and graphics capabilities equal to that of a desktop graphics workstation.

The NextDimension FlexTop computer is targeted at CAD/CAM, Oil and Gas, DCC, and other industries requiring advanced Visualization capabilities. The ability to house two COTS PCIe x16 graphics boards in a FlexTop, opens up new application possibilities. The two slots can be used for graphics enhancement, as well as high speed networking, network monitoring and traffic generation, signal analysis, simulation and data recording. Applications requiring system technology capable of performing these tasks effectively include HDTV, Video, Audio, and Test/Measurement.

"FlexTop computers open the doors up to OEMs, integrators and innovators to offer an open standards appliance. We are seeing innovative ISVs and integrators creating a mobile FlexTop appliance that creates new revenue streams while leveraging existing R&D in existing applications but now running them on this dual PCIe appliance," relates Bob Labadini, President and CTO of NextComputing.

Combining Dual PCIe cards with the best in processor performance (offerings include dual, Dual Core 2.2 GHz AMD Opteron(TM) processors) increases the functionality of the system overall. NextComputing aligns itself with top PCIe card distributors like NVIDIA and ATI Technologies to offer end users a complete turn key solution. Popular choices include NVIDIA's Quadro® FX line of high end graphics boards by PNY Technologies, Inc., and ATI's FireGL(TM) high performing graphics cards. Yet, the Open Standards nature of this FlexTop supports specialized PCIe cards manufactured by many other companies as well.

NextComputing has also incorporated Dual PCIe x16 slots into its Vigor line of semi-rugged portable super computers. The Vigor line is targeted at industries such as Oil/Gas, Military and Intelligence, and Industrial Computing, where durable portability with processor performance and maximum graphics capabilities are becoming a more prevalent need. The Vigor line enables field data acquisition, storage, rendering and visualization in less than ideal and non- stationary environments such as oil fields and military base sites.

Today's announcement piggybacks a number of recent FlexTop feature enhancements NextComputing has made, including its HydraGraphics Configuration supporting up to 6 displays, positioning NextComputing as the first computer design company to offer 6 displays on a portable graphics workstation.

NextComputing is known in the HPC community as innovators for its engineering design talents, bringing to market the smallest, portable form factors with features capable of the most intensive graphics applications.
Contact: Laura P. Cooper
Corporate phone: 603-886-3874

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