Porkka Announces Launch of New Scientific Product Range

Helsinki – Porkka today announces the launch of a new scientific range of products to enhance its offering to the scientific and life sciences sectors.

New large incubators for the growth of cultures or pathogens in a controlled temperature environment have cabinets that can be adjusted between +4 to +60°C and can be equipped either with adjustable shelves, drawers or baskets which are on pull out runners. Manufactured from high quality components, Porkka offers a long life cycle with low environmental impact.

Porkka has also added a range of chromatography refrigerators designed to accept a wide range of gas chromatography and mass spectrometry equipment for laboratories. They can also store other samples or products in a clean, constant temperature environment. Operating using the latest hydrocarbon refrigerants, they have the benefit of having lower energy consumption than that of older refrigerators using conventional refrigerants.

Porkka is also introducing plasma freezers that operate at -32°C and can be fitted with baskets for plasma bag storage or shelves to store plasma boxes. Each cabinet is fitted with a high - low temperature alarm, which is both audible and visual and can be connected with a building monitoring system for further security. As with the rest of the Porkka Scientific range, all equipment can be supplied with a range of accessories such as coded entry locks or electronic key lock with access notification of who has entered the cabinet.

To reduce door-opening time and operating costs, a comprehensive series of pharmacy refrigerated cabinets are now available with glass window doors to allow pre-selection of products before opening the door. Each product is fitted with a unique anti-freeze protection system to stop accidental low temperature situations. Alarm systems are fitted as standard and all operate using low energy refrigerants to ensure a low environmental impact.

About Porkka

Porkka is an internationally renowned manufacturer of cold chain equipment for scientific, medical and life science industries. Established in 1962, Porkka has affiliated companies in Sweden, Norway and the UK, as well as production facilities in Ylojarvi, Hollola and Kemijarvi, Finland. Porkka's continued success is based on decades of experience, customer focused design and continuous product development.

Video: http://www.multivu.com/mnr/58720-porkka-launches-scientific-product-range

Video: http://www.multivu.com/mnr/58720-porkka-launches-scientific-product-range

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