Political Stakes Are Important

Normally I would not discuss politics in a public post or blog, but there are some items I think you should know about regarding the upcoming elections.

Over the coming year there will be many opportunities for folks to show their interest and express their political orientation.

Metalcraft Industries offers a variety of ways to support them.

As a manufacturer of sign supplies we have a variety of unique display solutions, the number one value for your dollar that comes to mind is a great product called the TWISTAKE.

The TWISTAKE is a lightweight yet sturdy design that is suited for easy installs.

The TWISTAKE arrives in pack of 25 units , there is no assembly, it arrives ready for the addition of a COROPLAST sign.

(COROPLAST is a corrugated-plastic material it is an industry standard for sign making, it can be easily printed upon with your message and holds up well to the elements).

To install, simply apply pressure to the two step down points of the TWISTAKE wire to secure it in the ground, no hammering or extra tools are required.

The TWISTAKE has been a favorite for the small business advertiser, (think lawn care, landscaping or window tinting), we think it is a dependable and likely a good candidate for your political messaging as well.

More information is available on our website page, click here to check out this great product you can add to your sign stake assortment. http://metalcraftindustries.net/twistake-sign-stake-25-pack-twistake-25-pack-for-corrugated-signs/.

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