PMES Powder Forged Components

PM Engineered solutions, the source for engineered solutions to metal or plastics component users, is a leader in providing powder forged components to our customer that are high strength, tough and requires only minor secondary machining.

Powder forging is capable of taking powders such as iron and copper and putting them through a process where they are compacted, heated and forged so that their density increases up to that of wrought steel. The result is dense, tough and reliable components for highly stressed applications. Another benefit is its net shape forming reduces the need for later finishing as compared to traditional forging process and uses less flash than the conventional forging process.

In order for a component to be a candidate for powder forming, its shape must allow for a preform in which density can be controlled. Each application requires its own unique preform development. The shape is carefully controlled to develop shear strains that collapse the porosity with the minimum applied load. The correct amount of strain will ensure that all areas of the cavity fill properly, develop a preferred grain flow in the forging, and collapse porosity to the maximum amount.

As for sintering, the requirements are similar those for powder coating but with one exception — the emphasis on chemical refinement is much greater (carbon content). Forging densifies the preform, reducing porosity to very low levels and improving mechanical properties.

When it comes to differences between powder forging and conventional, remember a few key elements:

Powder forging preform is forged in a single press stroke, compared with the multiple hits, sometimes combined with other operations.

Plastic deformation in the powder forging operation is much less than in conventional forging where all features are usually formed by extensive plastic deformation controlled by developing a relatively large amount of flash, which is subsequently trimmed off.

PMES offers powder forging processes for multiple target applications including, high strength gears, high strength bevel gears, differential gears and pinions, ring gears, differential sleeves , heavy duty clutch plates, clutch races, high impact components, automatic transmission races and high pressure hydraulic components.

At PMES, we're are fully capable of creating complex shapes and forging high-strength components, as well as high-temperature sintering and we're strong in product and design engineering for your powder forging components. To learn more about how PMES can help you meet your powder forging needs, or to just talk with someone about your application, contact PM Engineered Solutions today.

PSM Industries

Since 1956, PSM has been a family business centered on one creative vision — to provide the widest range of solutions in parts fabrication through Powder Metal technology.

Today, PSM's headquarters sit on a sevenacre campus in the heart of Los Angeles. From its humble beginning, PSM took advantage of breakthrough technology in metal fabrication and helped develop the technology into the powerhouse process it represents today. Today, PSM manufactures a wide variety of precision-engineered P/M parts through its seven operating divisions.

PSM has become a world leader in design and engineering solutions for powdered metal fabrication. We have learned how to take advantage of every related technology, how to utilize a broad range of options to bring our customers the rarest of all commodities in production: peace-of-mind.

PSM Industries, Inc.

14000 Avalon Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90061

Toll Free: 8886638256

Tel: 310-715-9800

Fax: 310-715-1414


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