Platinum Tooling: a New Beginning for Preben Hansen

The following interview was conducted with Platinum Tooling’s President, Preben Hansen, at the company’s headquarters in Prospect Heights, Illinois. Hansen discusses the beginnings of Platinum Tooling, the transition period, changes, product lines and the future.

When asked what motivated him to start the company, Hansen said that it was a natural progression and that “As we added additional machine tool accessory lines to our offering, it made sense to have a name that encompassed more than just Heimatec.” He added “In our industry, it is common to have one importer representing multiple product lines.” Hansen was very pleased with the transition from Heimatec Inc., to Platinum Tooling. “As always, our main concern is the customer; their understanding of our continued presence and new image in the marketplace was essential to our success.” Furthermore, he was grateful for the acceptance of their customers during this transition period.

Regarding future changes at Platinum Tooling, Hansen isn’t going to change his main goal: making sure customer needs are met. He explained “As always, I will continue to look for new products to complement our current product offering in an effort to satisfy the growing needs of our customers. Since the transition to Platinum Tooling, we have done our best to assure our customers that we will continue to promote and support the Heimatec tooling lines as we did in the past.” Hansen clarified by saying “Heimatec tooling will always be our core business. We have several other complimentary lines including Tecnicrafts collets & guide bushings for the Swiss market, Henninger spindle speed increasers for machining centers, AMF marking tools, cleaners, and radio sensors plus Suzuki IB spindle speeders for Swiss machines.”

As for custom tooling, Hansen assures customers that Platinum Tooling will continue offering this service. “Our current manufacturers are all excellent at engineering solutions for special applications.”

Lastly, Hansen expressed excitement about the future of Platinum Tooling, saying “We are eager to see how the company will grow and evolve.”

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