Plastruct Canada Inc. Now Offering High Impact Acrylic Patio Systems

Vineland, Ontario, Canada – Plastruct Canada Inc. has deepened their relationship with Evonik to now include Acrylic Patio and Deck covering systems in their product offering. The premium high impact acrylic sheet materials are used to beautify patio and deck covers, sunrooms, screen rooms, spa and pool enclosures for commercial, residential, agricultural and industrial applications.

Plastruct's patio systems are German Engineered with unique properties to excel in our North American extreme climate conditions. Canvas and metal awnings block the light and glass heats up like an oven. Perpetual heat waves, damaging hail, torrential rains and winter snowstorms are no match for the high impact acrylic.

Our engineered acrylic patio systems filter, soften harsh sunlight and shield from UV rays. Opaque coverings rob nearby windows of natural sunlight, casting gloomy shade on interior rooms. With our high impact patio systems, even the rooms adjacent to patios are brighter with a soft, even glow while reflecting heat and blocking harmful UV rays.

By adding doors, windows, and screens a sunroom or insect free sunspace can be created providing protection from bugs, UV rays, overheating and intense glare. Sheets are available with solar tints and HeatSpot options. Options include an attractive high gloss sheen that emits a soft uniform light even on overcast days. All sheets are high-impact resistant and engineered for overhead use. Installation can be easily adapted to single or multi-story homes as well as structural and non-structural systems. Sheet stock is available in a variety of solar tints and surface finishes including textured, clear and prismatic.

Patio Systems are available in a multi-skin sheet which fits perfectly on companion aluminum patio structures or can be adapted to existing structures with a gasket linking aluminum system for weather-sealed protection. All multi-skinned products (double and quadruple skinned) are insulated for optimal comfort.

Wave profile sheets offer cost-effective coverage with excellent durability. They can be installed on existing or new structures and are ideally suited for replacement of weather damaged fiberglass and polycarbonate corrugated panels.

The newest product is the opalescent HeatStop Cool Blue which effectively reduces the sun's radiation while it transmits visible light. It has an attractive golden luminescent surface sheen that creates a pleasant light filled cool blue environment in your space. HeatStop is available in the multi-skin and wave profiles.

Plastruct Patio Systems are perfect for restaurant patios, hotel outdoor spaces, wineries, equine arena window shielding, outbuildings, industrial outdoor eating and smoking areas. Residential applications are patios, sunrooms, hot tub, gazebos, and screened rooms.

All patio systems are long lasting and maintenance free. Backed by a 10 year hail and 30 year non yellow warranties. Easy installation provides a leak free environment and reduced condensation. All products are recyclable.

We ensure quick turnaround to suit our customers scheduling.

For more information on Patio Systems please contact:

Plastruct Canada Inc.,

4305 Spring Creek Road,

Vineland, Ontario L0R 2C0

Toll Free: 1 800 642 7797



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