Plastruct Canada Inc. Manufactures New Earth Plates

Vineland, Ontario, Canada – Plastruct Canada Inc. is now offering Earth Plates to its comprehensive product offering. Earth Plates are designed to protect lawns and gardens from ruts when using equipment on the grass. Plastruct's Earth Plates are designed to be reusable, lighter weight, portable and easy to store. They can be power washed for easy cleaning and are extremely durable and tough.

Plastruct's Earth Plates are manufactured from ½" or ¾" thick engineered plastic. The surface is textured to allow for traction. They are designed to build a temporary road over soft soils or sensitive areas without laying down stones, wood planking or other stabilizing materials. Since the vehicle is prevented from being stuck in the mud it will save on wear and tear on the vehicle and mud build up on tires.

The Earth Plates can be linked together with metal or plastic stakes to create a temporary road as long as required. Testing has proved that Plastruct's Earth Plates out performed and out lasted plywood and other porous materials. Plywood cracks and splinters under heavy vehicle loads. It also absorbs water and is difficult to clean. Plastruct's Earth Plates do not absorb water and will not rot. The Earth Pads are lighter weight, less costly and easier to move around than heavier rubber mats.

Earth Plates are currently available in a 30" x 84" long pair. Custom sizes are available on special order. Applications would include utility construction, heavy equipment, landscapers, tree and turf maintenance, golf course care, compact equipment, pool building, pumper trucks and building construction. Earth Plates can be used for staging events, concert set ups, working areas, or festival high traffic walkways. They will prevent vehicles and people from getting stuck in the mud.

We ensure quick turnaround to suit our customers scheduling.

For more information on Earth Plates please contact:

Plastruct Canada Inc.

4305 Spring Creek Road

Vineland, Ontario L0R 2C0

Deborah McGhee

Toll Free: 1 800 642 7797



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