Plastruct Canada Inc. and Quadrant Form Partnership to Promote Borotron HDPE Used in Radiation Shielding in Canada

Shielding against Neutron Radiation

Vineland, Ontario, Canada - Plastruct Canada Inc., has recently partnered with Quadrant Plastruct to promote, machine, fabricate and install Borotron Engineered Plastic HDPE.

Plastruct recently completed a installation of Wall Systems for Linear AcceleratorBunkers in the Nuclear Medicine Department of a newly constructed hospital. Borotronwas selected over competitors due to its greater dissipative capabilities.

The high-density polyethylene base material has been formulated with Elemental Boronto provide shielding against neutron radiation. The specialty polymer is produced in aproprietary process. The neutron particles are similar in size to the hydrogen nucleuswhich means it is crucial to the shielding performance to ensure a molecular bondingbetween the polyethylene and the elemental boron.

Borotron is used in nuclear shielding applications, radiation therapy rooms, nuclearresearch centers, nuclear power plants, therapy vaults, hot cell rooms, MRI rooms, spent cell transportation and production areas for nuclear detection devices. Plastruct has developed unique integration solutions for various applications which have been approved by radiation engineers for safe inclusion into existing and new structures.

It is important when sourcing radiation shielding materials is to ensure that the level of protection received is beyond the required codes. Borotron exceeds the standard by ensuring a 15% inclusion on borontrioxide when the standard requires 5% elemental boron. Another crucial element of the performance is the absorbing and even dissipating capabilities of radiation into its matrix throughout the entire sheet. Each Borotron manufactured profile includes homogeneity testing by validated processes to ensure this.

Plastruct Canada Inc., has a Borotron shielding application specialist to discuss yourparameters for neutron radiation shielding. Plastruct has recently been approved as aBorotron Installation Partner for Quadrant.

For more information on your radiation shielding concerns contact:

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