Plastic Injectors for Small, Precision Part Injection Molding

AB Plastic Injectors are specially designed for plastics, medical, dental and jewellery industries for both proto-typing or production runs. And, AB plastic injectors produce the finest-detailed parts using low cost tooling and are suitable for clean room environments. All are capable of handling a wide variety of injection molding applications including insert molding and overmolding and can be used with most resins including engineered and custom-formulated plastics.

These ergonomic tabletop and floor model plastic injection molding machines are ideal for prototyping, R&D and short production runs and can inject 1/4 oz. to 1/2 oz. shot sizes with clamp ranges of 2 tons, 2.5 tons and 5 tons.

AB-100 manual plastic injector can inject up to 1/4 oz of plastic into inexpensive metal molds. This machine makes plastic injection easy featuring a quick and easy manual clamp designed with a hardened screw and bronze nut for long wear.
The AB-150 hydro-pneumatic plastic injector combines the economy of manual plastic injectors with the power of a lever operated 2 ton power clamp. The AB-150 plastic injector is based on an ergonomic workstation design with the added convenience of an adjustable mold stop with automatic ejector.

The AB-200 plastic injector is a semi-automatic tabletop plastic injection machine designed with a small foot print to fit into the most restricted of workspaces. The AB-200 plastic injector features an adjustable sequencing and injection cycle for maximum productivity. This is a highly portable semi-automatic plastic injection machine requiring no permanent installation.

The AB-300 plastic injector workstation semi-automatic plastic injection machine is a "sit down" ergonomically designed plastic injection machine. The AB-300 plastic injection machine features a foot air operated hopper to free the operator's hands for faster handling of molds. Designed for maximum operator comfort and ease of use, the AB-300 plastic injector allows for maximum productivity during larger production runs.

The AB-400 plastic injector workstation semi-automatic plastic injection machine is our floor model "sit down" ergonomically designed plastic injection machine. The AB-400 plastic injection machine features a powerful 5 ton power clamp and larger 3" x 3" mold capacity for up to 1/2oz (14g) plastic shot size! With a stronger reinforced body and optional 2 stage cylinder, the AB-400 plastic injector is capable of injection pressures surpassing 12000psi.

The newest model, the AB-400M Manual Bench Top Plastic Injector features up to 1/2 oz. (14 gm) shot capacity with a precise digital programmable temperature controller, molds up t0 3" x 3" and 2-stage injection cylinder.

AB Plastic Injectors are available from Industry Depot or through your Industry Depot sales representative.

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