Plastic Ingenuity Joins Forces with NAPCOR to Increase PET Thermoforming Recycling Grant Program

Plastic ingenuity, an international leader in thermoforming and custom packaging solutions for a wide array of markets, has joined NAPCOR and SPI to provide additional funding for the PET Thermoforming Recycling Grant program.

Cross Plains, WI: Plastic Ingenuity, a leader in innovative packaging solutions, joined forces with The National Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR) and Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) to fund a grant program for the collection and processing of PET thermoformed packaging.

The grant program, first introduced in July 2011, is aimed at increasing the preparation of recycling centers and reclamation plants for better handling and increased recycling of PET thermoformed plastics. Although PET thermoforming plastic is a fast-growing segment in the plastic industry, recycling centers find it hard to adequately recycle containers such as clamshells, cups, and trays made from PET thermoforming plastic due to adhesives and labels that are used on these types of containers. Working alongside NAPCOR and SPI, Plastic Ingenuity is proud to focus much needed attention to the growing volume of PET thermoformed plastic and the hurdles faced by many recycling facilities when it comes to handling PET thermoformed plastics including plastic trays used for everyday uses such as deli trays, salad containers or the packaging of vegetables.

Open to U.S. recycling programs, the grant was originally slated to have one single recipient. However, thanks to Plastic Ingenuity and other plastic packaging companies, the grant program will now be extended to three recipients. By backing the program with financial support, Plastic Ingenuity is helping award recipients and their communities reduce waste through managed and educated recycling training and education.

As a long-time supporter of green initiatives, Plastic Ingenuity applauds the new recycling grant program. "At Plastic Ingenuity being mindful of our natural environment is part of our mission. Providing high-quality packaging solutions to our customers while being environmentally-responsible has been a key part of our operations for over 40 years," indicates Rob Helmke, Director of Marketing.

With headquarters in Cross Plains, Wisconsin, Plastic Ingenuity leads the way in innovative packaging solutions. From thermoformed plastics to vacuum forming, Plastic Ingenuity offers a variety of custom packaging solutions for a variety of markets including food, medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and retail.

As a major manufacturer of plastic packaging solutions, Plastic Ingenuity has always been at the forefront of green initiatives and technologies, demonstrating their commitment to eco-friendly packaging solutions. "Our entire manufacturing process is tailored to produce the best packaging solutions while being environmentally responsible," adds Helmke. From having solar panels at their plants to innovative research that has led to the development of new processes for PLA materials or wood pulp thermoforming, Plastic Ingenuity is firmly committed to the packaging design and manufacturing of functional and innovative packaging solutions while protecting the environment.

About Plastic Ingenuity

Plastic Ingenuity has been a national leader in the light gauge custom plastic thermoforming industry since 1972, and continues to pace the industry with its unparalleled innovation and R&D. Serving a variety of markets with custom packaging solutions, Plastic Ingenuity leads the way in innovative, environmentally conscious packaging solutions. For more information contact Plastic Ingenuity at 608-798-3071 or visit

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