Plastic Ingenuity Introduces Interactive Quote Tool for Product Packaging

The plastic manufacturer hopes to revolutionize the industry by making it simpler than ever.

Packaging manufacturer Plastic Ingenuity has plans to simplify its industry by taking advantage of the Internet in a new and interactive way. The international custom product packaging company recently launched an interactive "Request a Quote" tool on its website, giving visitors a hands-on opportunity to explore what the company has to offer.

Though PI had previously offered visitors options for contacting its engineers and scheduling consultations, this is the plastic packaging manufacturer's first foray into truly interactive functionality. By integrating a tool that allows users to request quotes based on packaging type, size, material, annual production volume and more, PI hopes to make the product packaging selection process easier than is typical in the industry. "We decided that it was time the plastic packaging industry took a step forward and made things easier for the consumer," said Rob Helmke, Marketing Director at PI. "We love any opportunity to work with a client directly, but we've found that an interactive tool like this can make it significantly faster and easier for them to get quotes on their own, and we want to encourage whatever process our visitors prefer."

The interactive quote tool launched only recently, but PI has already received positive feedback from visitors—what they hope is a sign that they're leading the industry in the right direction. "Plastic packaging is only getting more advanced," said Helmke, "and it's up to packaging companies like us to experiment with advanced solutions like this. When we make it easier for people to learn about what we can do for them, we make the entire industry function more smoothly."

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About Plastic Ingenuity

Established in 1972, Plastic Ingenuity is one of the largest custom packaging companies in North America, with plants in the U.S. and Mexico. Headquartered in Cross Plains, Wis., Plastic Ingenuity is a full service thermoformer, offering customers everything from design to finished product. Plastic Ingenuity’s capabilities include design, prototyping, tooling, custom thermoforming, vacuum forming and plastic sheet extrusion. Plastic Ingenuity services the food, medical, electronics and retail markets


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