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PIRTEK Welcomes New Partner from Venezuela with Eye on Miami Expansion

Hydraulic fluid seems to run through Carlos Shortt’s veins. Growing up in Venezuela, Shortt became involved with hoses at a very young age, working closely with mechanics and operators in his family’s tugboat company. Shortly after graduating from school in 2002, Shortt, now 35-years-old, further developed his unique skill set as he began a lucrative career with Lubricantes y Servicios del Lago C.A. (Luselago), a distributor of Shell Oil, working with the industry giant’s lubricants and related products in his native country.

“I have worked with hydraulics and hydraulic fluids daily,” Shortt said, speaking from his home in Venezuela. “It’s what my background is built on. For the last 10 years, I’ve been Luselago’s Sales Manager in Venezuela, working closely with nearly 600 clients and providing services to major companies around the world. Our company is one of the main distributors of Shell lubricants in Venezuela. So, business to business service has also been a key pillar for me.”

But, Shortt has longed to make a bigger impact in the industry. After a co-worker at Luselago went to Australia and worked closely with PIRTEK on several projects in Sydney, he returned raving about PIRTEK’s strong business model and commitment to customer service. Shortt, who was looking for an opportunity to expand his company’s operations and business activities into the Spanish speaking market in South Florida, immediately saw an open door.

“I’ve been traveling to Miami all my life, and our family owns property there. We knew the market was underserved and perfectly primed for growth. The opportunity that PIRTEK Doral presents is truly unique. With new growth there, and all the development and construction on the horizon, there is a lot of opportunity there for rapid growth,” Shortt said.

After speaking with Glenn Duncan of PIRTEK USA, Shortt came away even more impressed with PIRTEK’s vision for the future and opportunity for rapid success.

“I know the clients and the work ethics that we need to succeed,” Shortt said. “And, we see this as the perfect timing to get into this business, and the growth potential with PIRTEK is unmatched. And, so far, we’ve been really happy with all the support we’ve received as well.”

Shortt will be transferring to the United States to start-up and direct the overall operations of the PIRTEK Doral location. The company is targeting a late October opening. Once the Doral location is established and running smoothly, Shortt said the corporate group plans to open 2-3 additional locations in South Florida.

“My wife and two boys, who are one-year-old and three-years-old, will be joining me in Miami as well at the end of the year,” Shortt said. “Our corporate group wants to leave a legacy for future generations to build upon, and we know that by partnering with PIRTEK USA we will achieve our goals.”

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Victoria C. Mack | Administrative Assistant | PIRTEK USA

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