Pinch Valves with Magnetic Position Sensing

Pneumatically-operated pinch valves, Model 932, are available with the only sensing technology developed specifically for use in pinch valves, Magnetic Position Sensing (MPS). MPS technology allows for the detection of the following valve states: Power Off, Tube Out, Tube In, Part Open, Full Open and can also track total valve cycles and valuable service information. These pinch valves, along with our solenoid line of valves, are capable of handling fluids, abrasive slurries, and powders plus feature "Snap-In" tube loading for quick change out of disposable tubesets and "Splash Seals", which allow the units to be cleaned in place without disassembly. Acro Associates' MPS technology provides a unique "out of the box" solution for critical pinch valve applications in the medical, pharmaceutical, and laboratory industries. The combined simplicity and flexibility of our MPS sensing technology will provide unparalleled safety and value for your flow control project.


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