Picarro Surveyor Technology Introduced to European Market at Expogaz Paris

Picarro Surveyor™ for Natural Gas Leaks Unveiled at Expogaz Paris, the Leading European Natural Gas Industry Event

PARIS – Picarro Inc., the world's leading producer of gas measurement systems for science and industry, will unveil Picarro Surveyor at the Expogaz Exhibition Paris. The event will be held from September 10-12 and brings together many of the major players within the gas sector in Europe.

Attendees in Paris can view Picarro Surveyor for the first time and learn about the importance of this cutting-edge technology that allows utilities to increase community safety while reducing risk and improving operational efficiencies. Picarro's technology will be showcased at booth Td24.

Picarro scientific instruments are being used by scientists all over the world including LSCE in France, Max Planck Institute in Germany, and ICOS throughout Europe. Picarro Surveyor implements this technology and applies it to the natural gas utility market by providing a tool that is radically simplified yet effective.

"Picarro Surveyor has been called 'revolutionary' by our customers for good reason," said Michael Woelk, Picarro CEO. "At 1,000 times the sensitivity, 10 times the speed and real-time geo-spatial reporting, our platform has the capacity to radically improve pipeline safety."

Uniquely mobile, Picarro Surveyor for Natural Gas Leaks mounts Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) instruments, which are 1,000 times more sensitive than standard leak detection equipment, in the trunk of a vehicle. It radically simplifies leak detection by integrating wind transport physics into its leak detection analytics to instantly identify leak locations. P-Cubed® geo-informatics, which powers its data analysis, mapping, archive and reporting features, provides graphical visualizations of the surveyed area for simultaneous viewing by numerous users on an iPad or other web-enabled devices. All combined, these capabilities enable operators to conduct leak surveys while driving at normal traffic speeds, find previously undetectable leaks, and dramatically improve leak survey productivity and regulatory compliance.

"European nations have broad awareness of the potential safety and environmental ramifications that result from natural gas leaks and we think that our technology will appeal to many of the utilities and regulatory bodies in the EU," said Jan Willem Poelmann, Managing Director of EMEA for Picarro. "You can't monitor what you can't measure, and Picarro Surveyor is a quantum leap forward to that end."

California utility Pacific Gas Electric (PG&E) is also a valued customer of Picarro. To show Picarro's effectiveness, Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) sponsored a comprehensive field study led by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). Picarro's technology was vetted and tested in four regions in the U.S. In side-by-side studies with legacy industry methods, Picarro Surveyor technology outperformed traditional methods, identifying significantly more gradable leaks in considerably less time. Picarro Surveyor located several leaks that legacy methods failed to find, including seven Grade 1 leaks (those requiring an immediate response) and ten Grade 2+ leaks (those requiring a scheduled priority repair within 90 days or less). Additionally, Picarro Surveyor indicated leaks up to 10 times faster than legacy survey methods.

Picarro recently was recognized by CNBC as a top five energy Industry Disruptor, named a 2013 Gartner Cool Vendor for Energy and Utilities, and featured in The New York Times "New Tools Pinpoint Natural Gas Leaks, Maximizing a Fuel's Green Qualities", and a PricewaterhouseCoopers white paper about next-generation leak detection technology. Picarro has also been recognized as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum and as an Energy Innovation Pioneer by IHS CERA.

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Picarro is the world's leading producer of stable isotope and gas concentration measurement systems for science and industry. Picarro's products serve a wide variety of applications, including: energy exploration and distribution, earth sciences, air quality, greenhouse gas fugitive emissions measurements, and supply chain integrity. Deployed on all seven continents in places as diverse as the Greenland Ice Cap, The Eiffel Tower, NASA aircraft, and Pacific Gas & Electric's natural gas leak detection vehicles, Picarro's patented solutions are unparalleled in their precision, ease of use, portability, and reliability. The company's products are all designed and manufactured at Picarro's Santa Clara, California headquarters and exported to countries worldwide. For more information, please visit www.picarro.com.

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