PennEngineering® Files Complaints against Six Fastener Manufacturers

In an effort to protect its intellectual property rights, PennEngineering®, located in Danboro, Pennsylvania, has served complaints on six fastener manufacturers attending the National Industrial Fastener Show/West (held in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 12-14, 2007). The complaints were filed on November 13, 2007, in Federal District Court in Nevada.

PennEngineering has alleged that these companies were exhibiting and offering for sale products which violate one or more of PennEngineering's trademarks and patents. PennEngineering has asked a federal district court in Nevada to require these companies to immediately cease and desist from their infringing activities and to award PennEngineering appropriate damages. The named companies include Shanghai Jingyang Import & Export Co., Ltd.; Clinching Fasteners Co., Ltd.; Shenzhen Hongyijin Metal Co., Ltd.; Dongtai City Huwaei Standard Component Corp.; Finexpress Fastener Co., Ltd.; and Richard Manno & Co., Inc. The PEM® products in question include but are not limited to Types PF11, PF12, PFC2P, PFHV, AC, AS, LAC, LAS, FH, SKC, and TPS.

This action is part of an ongoing strategy of PennEngineering to zealously protect its intellectual property rights, including, patents, brand names, product markings, logos, copyrights, etc. PennEngineering invests heavily in innovation to provide its customers with leading edge products. These actions are aimed at protecting PennEngineering customers, assuring them that they are receiving genuine PEM® products.

PennEngineering develops and manufactures PEM® self-clinching, broaching, weld, and surface mount fasteners; SI® inserts for plastics; and Atlas® SpinTite®, MaxTite®, and Plus+Tite® blind threaded inserts. Fastener-installation equipment includes PEMSERTER® automatic and manual precision presses, In-Die and robotics capabilities, the StickScrew® System for small-screw insertion, and Atlas® tools.

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