PEM® Self-Clinching Nuts

A 12-page product bulletin covers types, specifications, and performance data for the fastener family of PEM® self-clinching steel, stainless steel, and aluminum nuts. All PEM nuts are RoHS compliant.

When installed in metal sheets as thin as .025"/0.63mm, PEM nuts provide permanent and reliable load-bearing threads. With only a mating screw to complete final component attachment, users can significantly reduce the amount and types of hardware required in an application.

"Bulletin CL" profiles the entire line of PEM self-clinching nuts, which offer high pushout and torque-out resistances and distortion-free installation. They are available in thread sizes #2-56 through 1/2-20 and M2 through M10, depending on type.

The family of PEM nuts even includes specialized hardware designed to satisfy specific application requirements. These include special alloy stainless steel nuts offering especially high hardness and high corrosion-resistance for use in thin stainless sheets; reduced-size nuts for tight, close-to-edge applications; and nuts with locking threads.

All clinching during the installation process occurs on the fastener side of the sheet, allowing the reverse side to remain flush and smooth. Using a PEMSERTER® press for best installation results, the nuts are simply placed in punched or drilled holes and then squeezed with sufficient force. Upon installation, the fasteners will not loosen or fall out.

"Bulletin CL" can be downloaded free in PDF format from

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