Peco-Inspx Announces Industry Leading Parts Warranties for X-Ray Systems

Parts Warranties for X-Ray Tubes and Power Supplies Start When Those Parts Are Installed.

San Carlos, CALIF. (PRWeb) December 31, 2018 -- X-Ray tubes and their associated high voltage power supplies are two of the most critical parts in any X-Ray machine. They are also the most costly. Historically, customers have preferred not to stock these parts out of concern that they will go out of warranty before they are even used.

Even with shipping a failed X-Ray tube overnight, it can take up to 24 hours for such parts to arrive on site, which results in costly production downtime.

To encourage customers to stock these critical parts, Peco-InspX is pleased to announce a change to the warranty policy for its metal ceramic X-Ray tubes and their associated power supplies. The warranties for these spare parts commence not when they are purchased, but when they are installed. As a result, there is no penalty for customers who stock these critical spare parts, and their downtime is minimized since they have these spares in-house.

“This change in warranty policy reflects our ongoing commitment to meet the needs of our customers. We understand that spare parts represent a material investment, and our goal is to ensure that we do everything we possibly can to protect that investment,” commented Peco-InspX CEO Rich Cisek.

The 3 year warranty on the metal-ceramic X-Ray tube is unconditional. “Unlike some of our competitors with their pro-rated warranty on X-Ray tubes, Peco’s unconditional warranty means that if the tube fails at any point during the warranty period, it is replaced for free, with no questions asked,” continued Cisek.

Customers are asked to talk to their Peco-InspX service or sales representative for more information on these improvements made to the warranty program.

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