PBC Linear Moves into PARTCommunity

Rockford, IL -- January 12, 2009 PBC Linear (Pacific Bearing Company) has recently updated their 3-D CAD viewing program on their website. Now easier and more user friendly, PBC Linear has upgraded to PARTcommunity-a program that allows for interactive previews, multiple languages and the ability to directly download parts. The new PARTcommunity system and all of its exciting new features is now available on the PBC Linear website.

PARTcommunity gives its users what they want: a simple way to receive and download their engineering data. From 2D to 3D applications, PARTcommunity has simplified the process to satisfy virtually all visitors. PARTcommunity achieves this by using its highly organized product line that can be seen entirely at one time. Switching to a more visually driven interface, PARTcommunity has made improved ease of navigation throughout the site. With interactive previews of downloadable content, tracking down all of the PBC Linear technical data that you would like is a breeze.

PARTcommunity also keeps a record of past downloads and configurations in a personalized My Documents file for frequent users to take a second glance at the data they downloaded. This creates an effective way to recall past projects and see them in new CAD formats! For downloading, PARTcommunity has three separate ways of delivering the data to the end user: direct download, email with CAD file attached, and direct insertion into current SolidWorks session-creating a plethora of options for visitors to view PBC Linear material.

For more information on the PARTcommunity or how to view downloadable PBC Linear data please call 1.800.729.9085, email to marketing@pacific-bearing.com

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