Patient Medical Records Go Green: MediNotes Helping U.S. Medical Practices Reduce Tons of Paperwork with Electronic Medical Records

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa, April 23 -- MediNotes Corporation, the leading provider of Best of Breed electronic medical record solutions for small to medium primary care and specialty medical practices, announced today that its electronic medical record system (EMR) is helping thousands of medical practices 'Go Green' by reducing an estimated 900 tons of paper annually that would have been used for paper medical records.

According to figures from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory web site , which is sponsored by the Department of Energy, over 90 million tons of paper is used in the U.S. every year. This amounts to an average of 700 pounds of paper consumed per person; with an average of 15 million sheets of paper used in U.S. offices alone every five minutes.

"EMRs are representative of a broader movement for businesses to utilize more efficient and secure methods to accurately track information," said Jack Callahan, Vice President of Corporate Development for MediNotes. "When you think about the paper used in society, the vast majority of it is simply a means to convey information. EMRs are environmentally friendly as they reduce the number of times information is manually replicated or produced, which not only decreases paper use, but energy costs associated with copiers and printers."

MediNotes Corporation was founded in 1995, by Donald G. Schoen, President and CEO as well as current Chair of the national Electronic Health Record Vendors Association (EHRVA), to provide best-of-breed EHR solutions to small and medium-sized physician practices. MediNotes software is installed in more than 4,300 medical practices and is utilized by more than 18,500 physicians and their teams. "With quality patient care being a top priority for all healthcare providers, our EMR system, MediNotes e, allows physicians and other healthcare providers to spend more one-on-one time with their patients," added Callahan. "It also decreases the number of opportunities for inaccurate information to be introduced as records are handled fewer times manually, and positively impacts the environment by reducing the amount of paper and related handling costs needed to effectively manage their practice. EMRs are truly a win-win situation."

About MediNotes Corporation

MediNotes Corporation is a leader in electronic medical record solutions for primary care and specialty medical practices and currently serves more than 4,300 installed sites and more than 18,500 users nationwide. The company's dedicated employees are driven to create technology solutions that are delivered with the highest level of value and integrity. The enhancements of MediNotes e are based on the needs and suggestions of our users as well as the competitive EMR landscape. You'll Get it Right the First Time with MediNotes e.

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