Passive Self-Contained Digital Audio Problem Solver.

Small, easy to carry and solves AES/EBU signal problems. If you have badly balanced signals, in most cases, you can dramatically improve your signal, common mode rejection, lower noise and lower EMI/RFI by using the Re-balancer.

While digital audio signals are less prone to noise issues, the noise messes up the clock recovery and conversion of the digital signal back to analog.

The Re-balancer forces unbalanced or slightly out of balance signals into real balanced signals. Mic or Line Level, the XLRs are bi-directional and phantom power is supported.

Carry a couple of these handy Re-balancers in your tool box...they can provide a solution for your un-balanced signal problems.

About ETS - Woman Owned Small Business

Since 1967, ETS began with custom-made transformers and in 1981 continued as innovators of balun, hub, adapter and splitter technology. ETS has provided media conversion solutions for analog or digital audio, analog or digital video, sending and receiving signals over Cat 5e, 6 or 6a UTP or STP. ETS also provides solutions with "made in the USA" custom designed products.


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Name: Joe Rosenberger, Sales

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