Partners Acquire Airam and Expand Press Line

Covington, Ohio -May 7, 2007- Joint partners Fred Ratermann and John Bornhorst have acquired AIRAM® Inc. The South Carolina company was established in 1965 to produce a line of pneumatic presses. Now, under the name AIRAM® Press Co. Ltd., the company has been relocated to Covington, Ohio and expanded to serve a broader market.

Ratermann is President of AIRAM and Bornhorst serves as Vice President of Engineering. "Until now, AIRAM presses have primarily been known for their reliable performance in high speed roll forming lines," said Ratermann. "We're taking the equipment to a new level of versatility by offering a diverse range of standard and custom engineered models to customers with general stamping needs, piercing, blanking, forming, cut-off, coining, embossing, laminating and assembly type operations."

Ratermann, a graduate of ITT Technical Institute in Dayton Ohio, also owns Concept Machine & Tool, Inc. and has more than 20 years of experience in the machine tool and stamping industry. Bornhorst brings 40 years of stamping and coil processing experience to his position. A graduate of the University of Dayton, Bornhorst holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, is an Ohio Professional Engineer and holds 19 patents.

The partners have expanded the AIRAM line, 3 to 210 tons, to include PulsAir, a precision press for progressive stamping operations. Available in 7 to 200 tons, PulsAir is built with patented technology for higher speeds and designed to run progressive and other dies with off center loads. Both press lines offer a low cost alternative to mechanical or crank presses and are virtually maintenance free.

AIRAM's new leadership and its technical staff offer 130 years of combined technical knowledge and in-depth application engineering expertise to help customers select the right production system. In addition to the press, AIRAM stamping solutions include the die, feed line, automation and other ancillary equipment.

On-site stock, including special press sizes, the capability to economically custom engineer press models, a comprehensive spare parts inventory, rebuild and preventative maintenance programs provide key support services. Committed to equipping customers with the tools they need to be competitive, AIRAM offers flexible production systems in tandem or stand alone configurations with the capability to manufacture quality parts at low cost.

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