ParknPool Offers Ways to Ensure Bleachers Are Safe from Thieves

With bleacher thefts on the rise, internet based retailer ParknPool is doing everything they can to ensure clients can secure bleachers to the ground, making it harder for thieves to make off with them, while also offering replacement bleachers when entire units are stolen.

Non-Elevated Bleachers

Lexington, VA - Within a period of two days in early February, brazen thieves stole bleachers from two locations in North Carolina (according to WBTV and WSOCTV), and one in New York (according to The Daily Cortlandt). ParknPool, an online distributor of commercial grade products, including bleachers and grandstands, is committed to ensuring all event holders can avoid these types of misfortunes by offering a variety of bleachers and accessories designed to take the worry out of event seating.

A downtown in the economy has lead some individuals to be creative when it comes to bringing in extra income. Selling scrap aluminum and steel for money is becoming a popular way to achieve this. Unfortunately, not everyone selling scrap metal comes by their goods legally. Bleachers have become a common item for these thieves.

As a Methodist church in North Carolina found recently (WBTV), thieves may only steel one or two rows of bleachers, not necessarily an entire set of bleachers. Even schoolyards aren't immune. A baseball field at a North Carolina elementary school (WSOCTV) was also recently robbed of several rows of bleachers.

In New York State, an individual stole two sets of bleachers from community parks, and was arrested when he tried to exchange the bleachers for money at a local scrap yard (The Daily Cortlandt).

To ensure every venue's seating stays put, ParknPool offers an assortment of anchors to protect bleacher seating from being stolen or moved without permission. These anchors are available in a variety of sizes and can anchor bleachers into soil, turf, or even concrete to suit any facility's needs. This small addition can eliminate worry and save event holders countless dollars in repairs, or even replacement bleacher costs.

It is also important to think about the hefty costs that can be associated with unsafe bleacher seating. Replacing or retrofitting current bleachers can make a world of difference in regard to spectators' safety, as well as ensure that the facility hosting the events will not have to pay exorbitant fines for adults or children hurt while on their bleachers. ParknPool, mindful of the importance of bleacher safety, created a "Bleacher Safety Guide" and video to show facilities the proper steps that should be taken to make sure their bleachers are safe and secure for all spectators.

Investing in durable and safe bleacher seating should be the goal of every venue. ParknPool's staff is equipped with the knowledge to assist event holders in selecting the perfect bleachers to last for years to come.

ParknPool is a Veteran Owned SBE/WBE Company and is the leading online supplier of commercial outdoor furniture and site amenities such as picnic tables, trash receptacles, park benches and bleachers. ParknPool was begun in 1998 in Orlando, FL and moved their headquarters to Lexington, VA in 2005.

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