PaperDisplay (Acreo) Launches Low Cost Displays Printed on Paper Substrates Making Use of Agfa's Orgacon Products

Mortsel (Belgium) November 13, 2007 07:00

PaperDisplay (Acreo) manufactures and sells low cost information displays printed on paper substrates for applications such as smart labels, smart packaging, printed matters, etc. The paper display is partly bi-stable, this means that once it is switched it takes only a small current to keep it updated.

PaperDisplay Products are based on Acreo's patented electro-chromic (EC) paper electronics technology. The display element is a lateral electro-chromic cell consisting of patterned transparent electro-chrome PEDOT/PSS electrodes covered with a solid electrolyte. The on paper coated or printed transparent ORGACON(TM) electrodes are supplied by Agfa-Gevaert (Belgium).

PaperDisplay sells evaluation kits, prototype and volume series.

A modified label printing press is available to print the paper displays and optional graphic layers. Licensing can be considered.

About Orgacon(TM)

The active component in Orgacon(TM) products is the water based electronic conductive polymer dispersion PEDOT/PSS. This transparent conductive polymer was developed and implemented more than 15 years ago and first applied as an antistatic protection coating on photographic materials. It can be used as transparent antistatic and ESD protection coating on plastic films and other objects. PEDOT/PSS is widely used in industrial applications and is the most processable, transparent and stable intrinsic conductive polymer having a conductivity independent from relative humidity. Orgacon(TM) products include: transparent conductive dispersions, coating solutions, coated films and inks.

Orgacon(TM) is printable, flexible and even thermal or cold formable. This enables a variety of new applications as wearable and shape integrated electronics. For more information visit

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