Paper Thickness Measurement with Food Pressure - i-Thickness 4400 Thickness Tester


i-Thickness 4400 Thickness Tester is designed to measure the thickness of plastic film, sheet, diaphragm, paper, foils, silicon wafer, coatings and various materials precisely within the specified test range.

Test Procedures

A: Prepare test specimens according to specific standards. The test specimen should be free of creases or other visible imperfections.

B: Wipe up the test area with ethanol-dipped cotton ball and make sure there is no foreign matter. Then do several blank tests to confirm zero point.


C: Set up test parameters, specimen parameters and the test pressure should be 17.5±1KPa for film test. Then place the specimen on the test area.

D: Start the test and record the test data. Select multiple points to be measured until 10 valid data are obtained. The test report could be viewed in online data management system.

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