Package Invented by J&J Packaging Addresses the Wal-Mart Demand for Sustainability

Package Invented by J&J Packaging Addresses the Wal-Mart Demand for Sustainability

Sunman, IN -- SuSTANDable (TM) A Patent Pending, trapped blister card that converts to a standing clamshell like package and will greatly improve sustainable scorecards.

Consumer product manufacturers are facing increasing demands as a result of a sustainable packaging initiative from Wal-Mart. Early in 2006, J&J Packaging went to work designing a package that could provide a solution, and in May of 2007, they applied for a patent covering a revolutionary yet simple package which they brand named "SuSTANDable".

The Challenge: "Design a package that"

1. Reduces the need for oversized plastic clamshells used to reduce pilferage.

2. Reduces plastic packaging used to make packages that are self standing.

3. Ships flat, using the smallest cube size possible.

4. Can be used as a hanging blister card, a bulk display or is capable of self standing on a shelf or countertop.

5. Is easily recycled.

The Solution: J&J's SuSTANDable(TM) Reduces pilferage with:

Specially designed perforations that make it difficult to tear open;

Use of paper for size (not plastic) which allows a larger package that is still "sustainable".

Use of tear resistant materials.

Gives a flat or standing presentation:

Has a billows like fold on the bottom. In one bending motion this former blister card converts to a standing easel which can be used for open shelf or countertop displays.
Ships flat, taking much less space than a standing clamshell or tri-fold package.
Is a trapped blister that can be used in bulk club packs or as a hanging blister card.
Can be fully manufactured from recyclable materials.

J&J Packaging expects the package to be used by several major consumer product companies by the fall of 2007 and will be shipping samples upon request. To view more information visit

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