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Pacific Industrial Becomes New West Coast Distributor for ARI Valves

Press release date: Dec 12, 2012

St. Helens, Ore. - Pacific Industrial Service is proud to announce has added to its already-impressive list of exclusive distribution agreements, as it is now the West Coast distributor for ARI valves.

ARI, based in Germany, offers a high-quality line of tight shut-off globe valves, which features a tight shut-off capability with a non-leakage bellows sealing system, safety valves, control valves and steam offset, and is an industry leader in emission control valves.

"We look forward to a long, happy relationship with ARI," said Pacific Industrial owner and founder Keith Forsythe.

One of ARI's exciting new products is the Zetrix valve, featuring the "triple offset" valve technology. In triple offset, the pivot point of the disc is displaced both from the plane of the seat along the pipe axis (first offset) and from the pipe's center line (second offset). With triple offset process valves, the seat's axis of rotation is also asymmetrically disposed to the pipe axis.

The major benefits of triple offset are that it provides frictionless swivel movement, it is permanently leakproof by the metal seal principle, and it has versatile applications with regard to media and temperature.

The Zetrix also features a reliably tight shut-off, featuring a "smart" sealing ring, and a stellited seat.

ARI also produces a range of steam trap accessories, including bimetallic, ball float, thermodynamic, and diaphragm capsule traps, and Pacific Industrial stocks all of them. This new association with ARI adds to the major companies Pacific Industrial already has, including Reyco valves, Taylor valves, Bernard Controls, and Leser Safety valves. In addition, Pacific Industrial Service technicians have completed the training for Leser valves and are now certified to work on them.

Pacific Industrial is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and also works with small businesses to suit all of their needs.

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