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Pacific Industrial Announces Partnerships with Two New Valve Companies

Press release date: Oct 04, 2012

St. Helens, Ore., - Pacific Industrial Service, as it continues to grow and expand its 16-year-old business, has announced it is now the official Oregon-Washington distributor for Bernard Controls actuator valves, as well as Oregon-Washington service center for Leser safety valves.

"We're getting into some exciting new partnerships that are opening up new areas for us," said Keith Forsythe, the owner and founder of Pacific Industrial.

Bernard Controls, a leading designer and manufacturer of electric actuators and control technologies, is one of the leading actuator makers for the nuclear industry world, and is well known throughout the world for quality service. Their actuators are explosion-proof, and are also used in oil and gas pipeline work, or any industrial plant service that moves fluids or gases.

Bernard Controls also employs 350 people in factories and offices around the world. The other major new relationship for Pacific Industrial is with Leser, a maker of safety valves that are often used in the food and wine industries. Leser, with an install base in the Northwest but with U.S. headquarters in Charlotte, N.C., is the largest manufacturer of safety valves in Europe, and is a leader in the market in the U.S.

They make 130,000 valves per year, and now Pacific Industrial will be an authorized service center for Leser.

Forsythe and his employees have undergone specialized training on the Leser valves in North Carolina, and now are ready to serve Leser's customers in the Oregon-Washington area.

These two new associations will help Pacific Industrial as it continues to thrive as the only business in Oregon to be nationally board-certified to repair ASME safety valves. Pacific Industrial has in-house testing capabilities of up to 1,635 pounds, and 600 degrees (steam), and can test up to 10,000 pounds of air and liquid. Pacific Industrial, on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, also works with small businesses to suit all of their needs.

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