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Overmold Solutions for Cable Junctions

Press release date: Nov 01, 2012

In the world of overmolded cable assemblies the styles, configurations and customization capabilities is almost limitless. The spectrum in which cables assemblies are used today varies drastically in complexity and functionality. A growing style in cable assemblies are those that can connect multiple devices together via a junction.

A junction also known as a transition or Y mold links several cables together. The junction point is a focal area that needs to be durable and provide orientational structure for the cables its connecting. In order to do this there is a "premold" made out of polypropylene that serves as the framework. This premold is then overmolded with a more aesthetic material such as PVC which can be in various colors and include features such as strain reliefs and logos. In some cases the junction point has a sensitive component such as a PC board; this type of transition requires a durable cap that provides a protective housing for the junction.

The junction provides several benefits which include consolidating several connections into one unit, this can result in saved space and organization for a multicable assembly. Another benefit a cable junction provides is a precise geometric layout of cables that can reduce the possibility of making a wrong connection by the final user. Cable junctions also provide much more structure and protection to internal wires than a transition with heat shrink tubing. In addition overmolded transitions are more aesthetically appealing than a heat shrinked option.

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