Ovation Casing Machine

Builders Automation has conquered the last frontier in pre-hung door manufacturing. The Company announces that the application of casing to pre-hung doors with either split or flat jams is now automated through their "Ovation Series Automatic Casing Machine". The machine pre-assembles casing hoops, back nails the hoops and then automatically positions the hoop on the pre-hung door. The casing is stapled and glued into position. Gluing is an option. If the door is a split jam the machine does both sides. Machine capabilities encompass jams from 4 9/16" up to 6 9/16" and casing from 2 ¼" wide to 3 ½" wide. The automated casing machine does doors from 6'8" through 8'. The Company reports that this labor reducing automatic machine can save in excess of $3.00 per door in labor savings with a payback of less than 14 months. The automated line can replace the labor of between 5-8 people. The Company is planning an Open House in October to show prospective customers the machine in action producing doors. After every great performance there is an "Ovation". The Company believes you'll stand for this performance. For more information contact Bob Mitvalsky at Builders Automation. Phone Number (727) 538-2180.

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