Outwater Introduces Many New Woodworking Products at the 2014 International Woodworking Fair (IWF)

Bogota, NJ (www.outwater.com) – Outwater [Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. + Architectural Products by Outwater, LLC featured many new woodworking products at the 2014 International Woodworking Fair proposed to effectively address and respond to the necessity for woodworkers to improve their productivity and increase their revenue in a progressively more competitive marketplace.


The International Woodworking Fair, also known as IWF, is long established as the largest woodworking trade show in North America, and is geared towards assisting woodworkers, furniture and cabinet manufacturers and other industry related professionals in sourcing innovative and traditional woodworking products of all genres.  


Outwater has chosen to highlight those products that garnered the most significant attention and positive feedback at the show.


1)    Barn Door Hardware


Outwater’s new line of Barn Door Hardware discriminatingly fuses superior construction and exceptional functionality with a refined aesthetic appeal that will elegantly blend into any traditional or contemporary setting in which it is utilized.


Offered as individual components in matte black, oil rubbed bronze and satin nickel powder coated finishes, Outwater’s Barn Door Hardware comprises solid, hardened aluminum rails and rail brackets along with steel roller straps, fasteners, center guides, door stops and rail splicers, which not only convey a true sense of substantial quality and heft unmatched by lesser, mass produced counterparts, Outwater’s Barn Door Hardware can support large doors weighing hundreds of pounds, and is certain to further one’s appreciation of the workmanship and materials used in its construction.


2)    LED Standoffs with Red, Green, Blue White Illumination


In response to numerous customer requests for the ability to illuminate their mounted graphics, posters and promotional messages in color, Outwater now offers its extremely popular LED Standoffs for Signage and Displays with red, green and blue lighting options in conjunction with the original white lit format in which the LED Standoffs were introduced.


Simple in design yet ingenious in application, Outwater’s LED Standoffs use the acrylic or Plexiglas sign holders to which they have been affixed as the medium to diffuse backlit illumination, ensuring that promotional pieces are always uniformly lit without any undesirable shadows or scalloping.


Great for use in stores, restaurants, museums, exhibit booths as well as commercial and residential buildings, Outwater’s 12V LED Standoffs allow for an infinite number of interior display mounting options for a variety of different media including permanent and freestanding displays, signage, directories and art.


Available in polished and matte chrome, Outwater’s aluminum LED Standoffs have a diameter and height of 1-in. and can accommodate panel materials up to ½-in. thick.


Outwater’s LED Standoffs come complete with all necessary mounting hardware to quickly bring all signage and display concepts to fruition.


3)    Tri-Mod & Nova Sheet LED Backlighting Systems for Countertops and Backsplashes


Offered in six different panel sizes to accommodate a diversified range of installations, Outwater’s new 1/16th in. thick, low voltage, prewired Tri-Mod LED Backlighting Panels attach to one another in a modular fashion without soldering, and can be utilized in applications with a minimal can depth of only 1-1/2-in. to uniformly illuminate all types of translucent surfaces including Onyx and Corian® countertops and backsplashes.


Constructed of virtually shatterproof fiberglass, each panel comprises energy efficient, high output, dimmable LED chips that provide approximately 50,000 hours of use. 


Similar in concept and function to the Tri-Mod LED Backlighting Panels, Outwater’s concurrently introduced 5/16th in. thick, UL Approved Nova Sheet LED Backlighting Panels fit directly beneath any substrate without any required installation depth whatsoever, and are available in custom sizes to accommodate many varied specialized functions.


4)    RF Dimmers


Now you’re in control!  Unlike IR Dimmers, which require that they be utilized in close proximity with a direct line-of-sight to their paired, unobstructed IR Receivers, the radio frequencies of Outwater’s new RF Dimmers are omnidirectional and can travel over an extended range and effortlessly pass through walls or other barriers, permitting Outwater’s RF Receivers to be placed anywhere desired, such as in cabinets, bookcases, closets or other inconspicuous locations.


Available in three different formats to suit specific applications, Outwater’s RF Dimmers and Receivers are extremely cost effective and are manufactured using the highest quality components to ensure years of trouble free operation. 


Afforded with a dimmer control knob (varies by model), which smoothly rotates in discreet, incremental steps, 12V and 24V lighting can be readily and precisely regulated as desired with an effective range from 10% to 100% of illumination, and can be simply turned on or off with a light tap on the RF Dimmer’s control knob.


5)    120V RGB LED Brite Lite Flex with Controller


Just introduced as the first and only 120V RGB LED Ribbon Flex Lighting on the market, Outwater’s new 120V RGB LED Brite Lite Flex offers a kaleidoscope of colors that can be programmed to morph at variable speeds or to remain static on any color via its corresponding 9 function RGB controller.


With no fixtures to hide, the highly flexible, diminutive physical contour of Outwater’s 120V RGB LED Brite Lite Flex can be easily cut every 19-in.and connected end-to-end via solder free plug in connectors, and can be mounted in all of those “hard to light” areas, or virtually anyplace that could not be previously lit. 


Additionally, low heat emissions and no generated UV radiation render Outwater’s 120V RGB LED Brite Lite Flex, with its IP67 rated waterproof cover (Totally protected against dust ingress and the effects of immersion in water between 15 cm and 1 meter) safe for indoor and outdoor use in a variety of commercial and residential applications in which the 120V RGB LED Brite Lite Flex might potentially be exposed to water or damp environments.


Noted for its tremendous versatility, Outwater’s 120V RGB LED Brite Lite Flex maintains consistent binning codes and color temperatures, consuming only a few watts per linear foot, and has an approximate 35,000 hour bulb life. 


Offered in 16-1/2-ft., 33-ft. and 164-ft. lengths, Outwater’s 120V RGB LED Brite Lite Flex is ideal for use in tasks in which longer runs of lighting are desired, with a continuous length up to 80-ft. that can be powered via the multifunction RGB controller.


Complementary connectors, end caps and mounting clips along with a selection of LED Ribbon Mounting Channels facilitate a host of custom configurations and applications.


6)    Plastic Channels for Economy & Standard 120V LED Brite Lite Flex


Intended for use with Outwater’s Economy and Standard 120V LED Brite Lite Flex, Outwater’s new 383-CL (Clear), 121-CL (Clear) and 121-SIL (Silver) PVC Plastic Channels allow for cabinet and furniture manufacturers, lighting designers, contractors and electricians to inexpensively fabricate custom, aesthetically pleasing light fixtures either in the shop or right on the jobsite.


Sold in 12-ft. easy to cut lengths, Outwater’s Plastic Channels provide protective rigidity, affording 120V LED Brite Lite Flex with the vital fortification to accommodate specific functions. 


7)    120V LED Brite Lite Flex Double D-Lite


Introduced as the counterpart to the only other 120V flexible ribbon light on the market, Outwater’s new, dimmable 120V LED Brite Lite Flex Double D-Lite employs a double row of 5060 chips that provide approximately 40,000 hours of use with consistent binning codes and color temperatures, and generate super bright light with an extraordinarily high output capable of 800 lumens per foot. 


Because no transformers are required to power Outwater’s 120V LED Brite Lite Flex Double D-Lite, an unprecedented, continuous length up to 82-½ ft., which can be cut every 19-in. and connected end-to-end in the field via solder free plug in connectors, can be run via an available single attached AC power cord.  


Outwater’s 120V LED Brite Lite Flex Double D-Lite is IP67 rated (Totally protected against dust ingress and the effects of immersion in water between 15 cm and 1 meter), produces low heat emissions, no generated UV radiation, and is intended for commercial and residential use in damp environments with Outwater’s new L- Task-8F LED Aluminum Channel.


8)    L-Task-8F Profile for 120V LED Brite Lite Flex Double D-Lite


Create with Task-8!  Intended for use with Outwater’s recently introduced 120V LED Brite Lite Flex Double D-Lite, Outwater’s new L- Task-8F LED Aluminum Channel comes complete with everything needed to easily create and mount a custom lighting fixture using Outwater’s 120V LED Brite Lite Flex Double D-Lite, and comprises precisely engineered surface angles and a snap on, impact resistant, frosted polycarbonate diffuser lens to ensure even illumination without any scalloping or hot spots. 


Offered in an easy-to-cut 8-ft. length, Outwater’s L- Task-8F LED Aluminum Channel not only provides tremendous design opportunities for a breadth of made to order applications, it is also great for dissipating longevity robbing heat from LEDs by functioning as a heat sink, thus prolonging the life and lumen output of Outwater’s 120V LED Brite Lite Flex Double D-Lite’s LEDs many times over.


9)    Faux Wood Beams


Cast with exacting realism in polyurethane from the molds of genuine reclaimed wooden barn beams, Outwater’s Faux Wood Beams are visually and texturally indistinguishable from the originals after which they have been patterned.  


Offered in four distinctive collections in fifteen different styles for just a mere fraction of the cost of real wood beams, Outwater’s Faux Wood Beams are not only suited for transforming ordinary houses into extraordinary old world style homes, they are lightweight, sturdy and easy to install on ceilings, walls or almost any interior or exterior surface. 


Furthermore, unlike their wood counterparts, which are subject to rot and insect infestation, not to mention, extremely heavy and difficult to handle, Outwater’s hollowed Faux Wood Beams will not split, crack or splinter, and, because they are also dimensionally stable and impervious to moisture, they can be utilized with little if any necessary follow up maintenance in extremely adverse environments that would not have been otherwise possible with conventional wood beams.


Outwater’s Faux Wood Beams can be tooled and refinished as desired, and will still retain their original grain and texture using traditional techniques and tools.


To heighten the overall authenticity of an installation, Outwater offers corresponding Faux Wood Panels, corbels, beam strapping, polyurethane u-brackets and touch up stain.


10) Woven Wire Grille Sample Kit


Outwater’s new Woven Wire Grille Sample Kit [Model #WWG-Kit features its entire collection of Woven Wire Grilles, with more than 45 different patterns from which to choose in numerous designs, finishes and sizes, and is an invaluable, portable resource for furniture and cabinet manufacturers to readily showcase Outwater’s Woven Wire Grilles to their prospective customers.


Now offered at the reduced price of only $55.00, Outwater’s Woven Wire Grille Sample Kit is valued at $250.00, and is designed to benefit both furniture and cabinet manufacturers and their customers by providing potential clients with everything needed to facilitate purchasing decisions.       


Hand reproduced from original designs ranging from the English Country to the French Provincial Periods, Outwater’s Woven Wire Grilles provide the perfect decorative enhancement for furniture and cabinets from any era and are also available in custom sizes and finishes.


11) Standard 12V LED Ribbon Flex Light


Ideal for budget oriented applications, Outwater’s new 12V Standard Ribbon Flex Light may be low in cost, but offers all of the sought after features found on more expensive flexible ribbon lighting including consistent binning codes and color temperatures, in the field “cuttability,” end-to-end solder free “connectability,” approximately 50,000 hours of bulb life, low heat emissions and no generated UV radiation.  In addition, an IP65 rated waterproof cover (Totally protected against dust ingress with limited permitted low pressure water jets from any direction) renders Outwater’s 12V Standard Ribbon Flex Light safe for indoor and outdoor commercial and residential use in damp environments.


Offered in cool white and warm white with several LED chip configurations in both 8-1/4-ft. and 16-1/2-ft. coiled lengths, Outwater’s 12V Standard Ribbon Flex Light is constructed with two DC 5.5 female ends, enabling it to be cut to size every 1-in. or 1-7/8-in. (varies by model) while allowing for any remaining portion of unused lighting to be employed for another project.


12) SunRay T5 LED Lighting


Now, for the first time, one can finally purchase a high quality T5 LED light fixture for less than the cost of T5 fluorescent lighting!


Comparable in size and appearance to a T5 fluorescent with the functionality of a fixture, Outwater’s new, fully dimmable SunRay T5 LED Lighting is one of the most energy efficient and cost effective LED lights available on the market. 


Very slim and easy to hide, Outwater’s ultra-bright 5/8-in. diameter SunRay T5 LED Lighting comprises a sturdy aluminum housing with a frosted lens, and can be mounted to wood, metal or glass for use in dry or damp applications, such as in showcases, cabinets, store fixtures, freezer cases and wall units. 


Available in cool white (4,100K) and warm white (3,000K – 3,500K) in five different sizes from 12-in. to 60-in. (in 12-in. increments), Outwater’s SunRay T5 LED Lighting provides approximately 50,000 hours of usage and is offered with desirable accessories to expedite its installation and enhance its usage.


13) PDC-96 120V Power Distribution Center


Optimal operating efficiency without any interruption to slow one down is absolutely crucial in today’s workplace.  However, overlooked peripherals are often accountable for reduced productivity.


UL Listed for safe use in commercial or residential environments, Outwater’s new PDC-96 120V Power Distribution Center encompasses an indispensable connection interface via an incorporated pass through USB port for data transmission along with two self-powered USB ports and an AC outlet, which charge and supply uninterrupted current to computers and other standalone, power hungry electronic devices.


Manufactured with industrial grade components contained within the unit’s compact, black ABS plastic housing, Outwater’s PDC-96 120V Power Distribution Center includes an attached heavy duty SJT 4 AWG 3C power cord and easily installs via integrated spring clips.


14) LED Slide-N-Hide Electrical Cable and Wire Cover Extrusion


Outwater provides the perfect solution to messy wire and cable clutter with the introduction of its LED Slide-N-Hide Extrusion, a low profile, adhesive backed electrical cable and wire cover designed to unify, protect and conceal low-voltage cables and wires up to 22-gauge, such as those used to power LED Ribbon Lighting. 


Easy to adhere to furniture, walls, baseboards and ceilings without drilling, nailing or stapling, Outwater’s polycarbonate LED Slide-N-Hide Extrusion is offered in white, 18-in. lengths that can be cut as required, and measures a scant 7/8-in. wide x ¼-in. high.


15) Plastic, Aluminum and Stainless Steel Extrusions


Outwater is the largest stocking distributor of plastic, aluminum and stainless steel extrusions in the United States, and stocks over 10,000,000 feet of ready-to-ship extrusions, available in an extensive selection of flexible, semi-rigid and rigid material profiles in a vast array of sizes and colors.


In order to meet mounting requirements for specialty application extrusions, Outwater has augmented its selection of extrusions with the introduction of new profiles, colors and materials along with a host of available cutting, packing and shipping options. 


About Outwater [Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. +

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Outwater was founded as a brick and mortar company in August 1972 on the premise to provide small and midsized furniture and cabinet manufacturers with a reliable source from whom they could purchase plastic extrusions in the amounts that reflected their actual requirements rather than the often substantial minimum quantities that were dictated by numerous manufacturers.

From the vendor of a single product line, Outwater, with sales and distribution facilities in New Jersey and Arizona, is established as an international manufacturer and distributor of more than 65,000 traditional and innovative component products required by woodworkers, cabinet and furniture manufacturers, builders, remodelers, designers, architects, point-of-purchase and display fixturing manufacturers, OEM's, as well as a diversified range of other commercial and retail customers.

Major Product Categories include Plastic & Aluminum Extrusions; Lighting and Lighting Accessories; Furniture, Cabinet & Store Fixture Components; Knobs & Pulls; Casters; Fasteners; Laminates; The Foga Exhibit & Display Fastening System; The Klem Connector; Literature Displays; Slatwall; Sign Holders; P.O.P Components; Display Motors & Turntables; Pedestals; Injection Molded Parts; Brass Tubing & Fittings; Surfacing Materials; Interior & Exterior Polymer & Wood Architectural Mouldings & Millwork; Orac Decor and DEM Architectural Mouldings & Millwork; Columns & Capitals; Balustrading; Wrought Iron Components; Decorative Stamped Steel & Polymer Ceiling Panels; Wainscoting; Wall Coverings; Fireplace Surrounds; Plastic "Glass" Block; Period & Contemporary Hardware; Kitchen & Bath Accessories; Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry and Vanities… and so much more!


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