OSHA Safety Inspections: Reasons for an Audit

Much like being audited by the IRS, an OSHA safety inspection brings up uneasy feelings. Even the best run companies are uncomfortable with an auditor searching their facilities for wrong doings. OSHA doesn’t typically forewarn an organization of an inspection; therefore many companies are unprepared for the visit. Below are a few of the main reasons OSHA may decide to inspect your business.

1. Imminent Danger - OSHA can become aware of dangerous conditions in various ways; tips from hospitals, accident reporting and whistle blowing are a few. Fall hazards and electrical issues can represent imminent danger.

2. Fatality - Even though a fatality is an event that has already occurred (therefore not a true example of imminent danger), OSHA will want to ensure that a remedy has been employed to prevent future tragedies.

3. Catastrophes - Workplace injuries and accidents and malfunctioning machines are examples of catastrophes.

4. Employee Complaints - Employees are typically first to recognize dangerous situations at the workplace. They may complain to OSHA about safety procedures not being followed, or about performing tasks which make them feel unsafe.

5. Local or National OSHA Campaign - Certain regional industries often experience similar trends in injuries and illnesses. Such events could prompt OSHA inspections.

Conducting a hazard audit will determine your current preparedness with workplace standards and hazards compliance, OSHA’s posting and record keeping requirements and Section 5(a) 1 covering the “General Duty Claus,” which requires that all employees be provided a safe and healthful workplace.

Three Sixty Safety’s customers feel confident should OSHA knock on the door. TSS conducts thorough and complete mock OSHA audits to prepare your organization in the event of a safety compliance inspection.

Our Goal: Everyone Goes Home Safe…Every Day!

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