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Optimized Wafer Sorting Using Belt Conveyors

Press release date: Sep 29, 2011

The belt conveyors by the Swiss manufacturer Montech help optimize wafer and cell sorting operations.

Using the modular belt conveyors by Montech, user can optimize wafer and cell sorting in the solar industry. A solar conveyor brings the wafers/cells, a vacuum conveyor transfers the wafers/cells to carriers or boxes after sorting, and finally, a closed-loop transfer system carries away the carriers or boxes. Montech exhibited this application for the first time at the European Photovolatic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition 2011 in Hamburg, where it aroused the interest of many visitors.

Unproductive return track eliminated
"It's an endless working cycle, including picking, transport and placing operations, without unproductive return strokes, designed to optimize the sorting process," explains Gianluca Aloisi, Sales Manager, Montech AG. With the Vacuum conveyor running at 5 meters per second, the system can sort 4,000 wafers per hour, ensuring a significant productivity increase.

Dedicated handling of wafers and cells
Further benefits highlighted by Montech, compared to previous solutions with FlexPickers, include improved cost/performance ratio and softer wafer/cell handling. "As a specialist in this industry, Montech has shown we can develop and supply optimal solutions for the solar industry, offering innovative and creative systems based on standard components," concludes Aloisi. Companies interested in this solution can request more information by calling +41 (0)32 6815500.

Montech AG
Montech AG markets basic modular components for the automation of demanding transport, assembly and production processes. In addition to conventional conveyor belts, the product range includes automation components and the Quick-Set profile system. A specialist in standard and customized transport and conveyor systems, Montech offers an ideal combination of customer-specific solutions with a high degree of standardization. Founded in 1963, the company is based in Switzerland and stands for innovation in the automation industry.

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