OPC Magnetic Particle Clutch - Magnetic Particle Clutches Provide Accurate Torque

Ogura's line of small magnetic particle clutches provides accurate torque control through providing five different model clutches that have an overall torque range from .1 - 71 in. lbs. All five models come with a built in flange for easy mounting and have built in support bearings with good side load capability for both the input and output sections of the clutch.

Because of their precise control ability, magnetic particle clutches can be used to control tension, absorb shock or become a variable torque limiter. Unlike friction face clutches they can slip for extended periods of time without damage. Typical applications include tension control systems for film foil and wire, load simulators for motor testing, and feedback devices for basic drive by wire applications like video games to more sophisticated vehicle drive by wire applications.

Theses clutches are only a small part of over 3,000 different clutch models that Ogura has available. If this clutch does not meet your needs please contact us at 732-271-7361 and we will assist you in finding one that does or if you prefer please visit our website at www.ogura-clutch.com for immediate information.

Ogura Industrial Corporation, Somerset, NJ

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