ONYX Graphics Adds Support for Mutoh® ValueJet(TM) Series Inkjet Printers

SALT LAKE CITY, March 15 -- ONYX Graphics today announced it has added support for the Mutoh ValueJet Series inkjet printers. Drivers for these printers are now available for use with ONYX® Production House(TM) and ONYX PosterShop® Version 7 Workflow Solutions software products. ONYX software solutions include key features such as PANTONE® Spot Color Matching, Contour Cutting Workflow and Automatic Job Nesting, which enhance the performance capabilities of the Mutoh ValueJet Series printers.

"Mutoh is excited about the new release of drivers for the ValueJet printer line-up as part of Mutoh America Inc. and ONYX's continuing partnership in the digital printing industry," said Randy Anderson, Software Media and Color Program Manager, Mutoh America Inc.

The Mutoh ValueJet 1204-48", Mutoh ValueJet 1604-64" and Mutoh ValueJet 2606-100" are Mutoh's new wide format, outdoor inkjet printers. ONYX has developed the Mutoh ValueJet Series drivers and profiles to operate the printers at top performance capabilities.

The ONYX drivers include the new Mutoh "Wave and Scan" width commands supported by the printer firmware. The improved driver control automates the way the heads of the printer lay down ink and can increase quality depending on print condition. The ONYX drivers also include support for other Mutoh ValueJet features including:

Resolutions: 1440 / 1440x720/ 720 / 540x720 dpi mode combinations (resolutions and passes).

Ink Configurations: CMYK on 1204-48" and 1604-64" models; CMYKlclm on 2606-100" model.

Media Options: Support for quality mode modification; user media selection; and individually controlled pre-, platen- and post-dryer-heater controls.

The driver includes 11 media profiles for the Mutoh ValueJet 1204-48" and Mutoh ValueJet 1604-64" models. ONYX Profiles are available on the ONYX website at onyxgfx.net/ and also on Mutoh's website: www.mutoh.com/.


Mutoh ValueJet Series inkjet printer drivers are included in all standard Version 7 ONYX ProductionHouse and ONYX PosterShop software. For more information, locate an authorized ONYX Authorized Reseller by visiting www.onyxgfx.com/ or call 800-828-0723 (international +1-801-954-5380).

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