ONPATH and Simena Partner to Offer the Industry's Most Complete Layer 1 through Layer 4 Solution for High Performance Monitoring

Packet Flow Switch expands UCS suite, offering the lowest latency aggregation and monitoring switch on the market

MARLTON, N.J. -- ONPATH Technologies, the leader in scalable connectivity and monitoring solutions for high performance networks, and Simena, LLC, the innovative leader in network monitoring and testing solutions, today announced a strategic partnership to add the industry's lowest latency aggregation, filtering, and monitoring switch, the Simena Packet Flow Switch (PFS) into ONPATH's UCS suite.

The PFS employs Layer 2-4 technology to aggregate, filter, disseminate, and load-balance network traffic to a variety of devices, including monitoring, measurement, and security tools. The PFS enables customers to optimize the performance and investment of these expensive tools, while allowing network managers to reduce cost by centralizing operations, monitoring services, and enhancing network security. Designed to help users increase productivity in monitoring and troubleshooting, the PFS provides flexibility with test configurations through the use of existing network tools, while saving valuable SPAN ports on switches.

The Packet Flow Switch delivers such advanced features as:

-- Aggregation of several traffic streams to a single network tool
-- Packet filtering to enable users to pick and choose specific packets to be forwarded
-- Packet slicing to enable users to forward only the configurable portions of a packet, increasing throughput and maximizing the performance of attached monitoring systems
-- Port Tagging to mark packets with the port IDs where they are received, enabling the identification of packet origins
-- Scaling up to 100,000 ports when used in conjunction with the UCS

In addition, the PFS provides the ability to run all of these advanced features at full wire speed, without impacting performance, to provide unprecedented flexibility and complete control in forwarding packets with an unlimited number of connectivity options.

With the addition of the Simena's PFS to ONPATH's Physical Layer product suite, the UCS is now expanded to provide the industry's most complete Layer 1 through 4 connectivity and monitoring solution across Enterprise and Federal applications. With speed- and protocol-independent connectivity ranging from RS-232 to 100Gbps and beyond, including standard protocols such as Ethernet, Fiber Channel, and SONET, as well as proprietary protocols, the ONPATH solution provides monitoring of performance and security applications across virtually any network infrastructure. ONPATH enables customers to increase their overall network security, reliability, and performance; increase the utilization of existing data center, monitoring, and security tools; monitor more with less budget and personnel; simplify the operation of their network; manage change more quickly; and adhere to compliance mandates.

"We are pleased to partner with Simena to offer our customers this advanced packet-intelligent product in an exciting new area for us," said Brian McCann, CEO of ONPATH. "ONPATH has an aggressive roadmap of product innovation, and the PFS is the perfect complement to our UCS family, enabling us to move up the stack from Layer 1 through Layer 4, in order to deliver our customers a more complete suite of network monitoring and connectivity solutions."

"Our partnership with ONPATH will provide the opportunity for entry into broader solutions," said Sezen Uysal, President of Simena. "Simena's unique approach to the PFS enables us to easily and quickly add new features and functionality to adapt to customer needs. Offering the PFS as part of the UCS family ensures that customers can monitor their network application performance at a higher level, with complete confidence, lowest latency, and ultimate accuracy."


ONPATH Technologies is the leading provider of scalable connectivity and monitoring solutions for high-performance networks. ONPATH's Universal Connectivity System and HorizON Software deliver an advanced platform that automates and secures data center and test infrastructure to help network managers conserve time, increase utilization, and save money compared to manual patching or complex mesh switching architectures. ONPATH currently has over one million installed ports throughout Fortune 1,000 and Government customers. For more information, visit www.onpathtech.com.

About Simena

Established in 2002 by experienced network engineers, and wholly owned by its principal operators, Simena is the innovative leader of high performance network monitoring and testing solutions. Located in the High-Tech corridor of Northern Virginia, all of Simena's network monitoring and test equipment are designed and manufactured in US. Our product portfolio is purposefully designed to provide our customers unmatched network monitoring capabilities and to help them safely prove out solutions in real-world scenarios. For more information about Simena and Packet Flow Switch products, visit www.simena.net.

CONTACT: Jody Bonocore, +1-609-518-4070, jody.bonocore@onpathtech.com

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