OEMs, S.I.'s, Going Global? Use an Industrial Keyboard with a Country Specific Language!

STRATFORD, CONNECTICUT - CTI Electronics enables its line of rugged industrial KIO6000 and KIO7000 keyboards with country specific languages.

These NEMA 4 (IP66) industrial keyboards include an integrated mouse (Orbital Mouse®). Languages available include US English (QWERTY), Spanish (QWERTY), German (QWERTZ), French (AZERTY), Portuguese(QWERTY), UK English (QWERTY), and Italian (QWERTY); other languages are available upon request.

Original Equipment Manufacturers will reduce design costs by standardizing on one of two industrial keyboard series. The OEM KIO6800 Series (4.46" x 8.00" x 0.51") has a patented imbedded numeric keypad in the non-backlit offering or a fully backlit offering. Or, the OEM KIO7800 Series (4.456" x 11.625" x 0.53") which offers a numeric keypad in both the illuminated and non-illuminated models. Both Series offer 8 levels of cursor speed adjustment and 10 levels of illumination (LED backlit models).

Systems Integrators will offer faster time to market products with an industrial keyboard having the same look and feel, yet a different language. Those products can easily be packaged with a Portuguese industrial keyboard that's going to Brazil or a German industrial keyboard headed to Germany, and yet another Spanish industrial keyboard shipping to Spain. The Plug-n-Play KIO6000 Series (6.13" x 8.70" x 1.33") or KIO7000 Series (6.13" x 12.33" x 1.32") are offered in a watertight rugged enclosure, aluminum or stainless steel.

Long-term durability, 10+ million cycles, of these keyboards is achieved with the use of hard gold plated terminals/contacts. Its molded silicone rubber is Syn-Proof(TM) coated to protect against harsh chemicals, bacteria, or synthetic oils. The 2 mm travel of the keys offer excellent tactile feel. PS/2 and USB interfaces are compatible with standard computer hardware and operating systems, and no special drivers or calibration is required. And the Orbital Mouse® guarantees "no drift" for the life of the keyboard.

Innovative design allows for quick interchangeability with the reliability of a world class industrial keyboard. Open new doors to international sales opportunities utilizing CTI's rapid prototyping capability and fast time-to-market delivery.

Usage includes Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Control Systems, On-Road Transportation Vehicles, Rugged Military Laptops, Off-Road Heavy Equipment, Outdoor Test Equipment, Medical Operating Rooms, CNC Machines, Marine Vessel Control Panels, Scientific Laboratories, Medical Nursing Stations, Military Systems, Food Processing Stations, Pharmacies, etc.

When reliability is critical call (203) 386-9779 or visit us at www.ctielectronics.com .

Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A., quantity OEM pricing $140-$180 USD.

Paul Krischlunas,

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