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Niles, IL - A wide selection of temperature control solutions for OEM as well as stand alone laboratory applications are available from PolyScience. Suitable for use with lasers, mass spectrometers, and other precision laboratory devices, PolyScience chillers, low temperature coolers, heating/refrigerating circulators, and other products control temperatures to as low as -100°C and as high as +200°C.

PolyScience has extensive experience designing and manufacturing custom refrigeration systems for OEM customers and worked directly with the developer of PCR technology to design the compact refrigeration system that made benchtop PCR systems possible. PolyScience refrigeration sub-systems are also an integral component of many laboratory lasers.

An ISO 9001:2000 certified company, PolyScience has implemented the systems, processes, and procedures necessary to ensure world-class quality and performance. The company utilizes just-in-time and other lean manufacturing techniques and is totally committed to exceptional service and support.

For more information on PolyScience products, visit www.polyscience.com, call toll-free 1-800-229-7569, outside the US call 847-647-0611, email [email protected], or fax the company at 847-647-1155.

About PolyScience PolyScience is a leading manufacturer of refrigerating circulators, heating circulators, chillers, heat exchangers, water baths, and custom temperature control equipment for industrial and laboratory use. The company has been providing customers worldwide with precision temperature control equipment since 1963 and serves a diverse range of industries, including biotechnology, chemical, industrial laser, medical, refining, and pharmaceutical.

Contact: Sue Gibbons, Inside Sales Manager, 847-647-0611 x 1221

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