Nutfield Leads the Way in Galvanometer Mirror Scanners Including Two and Three Axis Scan Heads

Hudson NH — Nutfield Technology has been designing and innovating galvanometer mirror scanners, scan heads and scan control software since 1997. Known for innovative design and manufacture, Nutfield recently expanded into a 20,000 square-foot facility. Their commitment to high quality, affordability and innovation make them an ideal partner, with four-week lead times, and outstanding technical support.

Nutfield's QS line of galvanometer mirror scanners offer strong value. The HS and SS lines of galvanometer scanners are exceptionally smooth which makes them good for raster imaging.  Nutfield also offers a complete line of two-axis and three-axis galvanometer scan heads. QS scan heads are ideal for fast or high-peed applications. The Extreme 15 is ideal for marking using CO2 lasers.  The D-20 scan head is completely digital and encoder based. Nutfield has two, three-axis scan heads. The 3XB works well for large field marking, contoured surface marking, micromachining and other tasks. The Contour scan head performs similar operations as well as textile cutting and embossing and solar scribing.

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About Nutfield Technology

Nutfield Technology has been designing and manufacturing advanced galvanometer-based optical scanners, scan heads, laser scan kits, and scan control software and hardware since 1997.  As the one-stop for laser scanning solutions, Nutfield Technology has a full product line ideally suited for all laser scanning applications.  Nutfield Technology is located in Hudson, New Hampshire, 30 miles north of Boston with representation in the U.S., Europe and Asia. For more details visit us at:

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