Now Facilitating Direct Install Programs to Complement Existing Energy Efficiency Efforts

As energy-saving legislation initiatives continue to pass, utility companies are being required to meet reduced consumption goals. In order to meet these lower energy consumption requirements, utilities have begun providing customers with energy saving kits. The kits include easy-to-install products that help customers to use less energy, and over time, save money on their utility bills.

Direct installation energy efficiency programs provide the same simple, easy-to-use products that help utilities meet their programs’ energy efficiency goals, however, these direct install programs offer a highly effective delivery system. Trained contractors or in-home auditors visit a residence, commercial or industrial company and install the products for the customer. Direct install programs are the key to rolling out successful energy saving initiatives and providing a comprehensive energy efficiency program. Customers save more money, and utility companies are able to meet their reduced consumption goals more efficiently.

Direct Install = Direct Benefits

Providing direct installs allows for instant savings to the consumer, but these programs also bring substantial benefits to the utilities and municipalities in the form of:

• Energy and water savings: Direct installs provide immediate and higher kWh savings. Direct install program providers like ecobeco, who provide Quick Home Energy Check-Ups (QHEC), have shown proved energy and water savings as a direct result of completed direct install programs. The average QHEC saves 850 kWh, 15.5 therms and 7,700 gallons of water per year. This provides energy and water savings at a lifetime value of $1,452 for a one-time cost of $375. *Source: Gina Mathias-ecobeco

• Opportunity to educate customers: In-home appointments provide a unique opportunity for contractors to educate customers on additional energy and water savings tactics. In turn, utilities have seen an increase in "spillover" education on other energy efficiency programs, resulting in an uptick in their programs being implemented. "As the trained technician is installing products in the home during the 45 minute to 1 hour session, they are also teaching the customer about energy efficiency. This gives customers greater awareness into additional energy-saving initiatives offered by their utility, and allows an opportunity to educate customers on additional energy and money-saving services and products," said Todd Recknagel, CEO of AM Conservation Group.

• Higher install rates: Direct installs take the guesswork out of knowing whether the product has been installed. Utilities can also have confidence in knowing the product is installed properly by professional. "A direct install program ensures the contractor will properly install the product, and that the customer understands how to use the product properly, as well understands as the direct benefits they can expect to receive," said Recknagel.

Utilities and municipalities should consider the benefits they will receive by implementing a direct install program within their energy efficiency program. Even the least eco-minded customers will get on board when they see the benefit of participating in conservation programs. They may even become advocates, influencing friends and neighbors to participate. Utility companies will have peace of mind, knowing their time and resources are contributing to decreased consumption. Direct install programs are a win for all parties involved.

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