Nova Introduces its Next Generation HVM Scatterometry-based Metrology Solution

NovaScan® 3090Next-SA System Offers a Wide Range of 2D/3D and In-Die Metrology Solutions for Dielectric and Copper CMP, Photolithography, Etch and CVD

REHOVOT, Israel, July 10/ - Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd. (NASDAQ: NVMI), the market leader in integrated measurement and process control for the semiconductor industry, today launched the next generation of its NovaScan metrology systems, the NovaScan® 3090Next series.

The first system in the series is the NovaScan 3090Next-SA, a stand-alone, high-end metrology system, which provides improved topography modeling, faster throughput and excellent matching between tools and fabs. This is done through implementation of polarized normal-incidence spectroscopic scatterometry, with an extended ultraviolet and infrared spectral range, for measuring the thickness and topography of thin films widely used in semiconductor manufacturing.

The NovaScan 3090Next-SA supports all industry requirements for high volume manufacturing. A major highlight of the NovaScan 3090Next-SA is its new 2D/3D modeling functions, which are based on the company's unique NovaMARS(TM) modeling and application development software. NovaMARS provides a solution for the latest industry requirements for advanced structure modeling. This allows for enhanced solutions that identically match what is really on the wafer, and is critical for process control of advanced technologies at 45nm and beyond.

Another highlight of the NovaScan 3090Next-SA is its high throughput. The NovaScan 3090Next-SA provides the extremely fast throughput of 150 wafers per hour with a single metrology module. With this high throughput rate, the NovaScan 3090Next-SA can support higher sampling rates, while allowing it to keep up with high throughput process tools such as photolithography tracks. This ultimately leads to a very attractive cost of ownership (COO).

The system's main applications include full pattern profiling in 2D/3D with multiple critical dimensions measurements, as well as thickness measurement of Dielectric, Poly-silicon and very thin conducting layers, on either multi-layer stacks, on silicon or metal stacks.

Nova's approach ensures the best solution for high volume manufacturing (HVM) environments, where Stand Alone (SA) and Integrated Metrology (IM) systems are working together. Nova's solution is also ideal where tool-to-tool matching and recipe transportability are essential. At the same time, the system also provides for excellent matching performance between various areas in the fab and between fab sites.

Bents Kidron, Nova's Director of Marketing, stated: "The NovaScan 3090Next-SA delivers the measurement capabilities needed for control of high-end 65nm and 45nm CMP, Etch, Photolithography and CVD applications. The NovaScan 3090Next-SA metrology system is fully compatible with the NovaScan 3090 series that we successfully introduced to the market in 2005, offering integrated metrology for CMP and Etch, and a Stand Alone solution. We believe that this new platform offers our customers a great solution for their High Volume Manufacturing metrology needs."

About Nova: Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd. develops, designs and produces integrated process control systems in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Nova provides a broad range of integrated process control solutions that link different semiconductor processes and process equipment. The Company's website is

Source: Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd

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