NOVA Analytical Systems Inc. Launches New Website with ThomasNet On-line Catalog

Analytical company takes advantage of on-line catalog to reach customers.

Nova Analytical Systems Inc, a 30 year veteran in gas analysis, have updated their image and rebranded
their product line. These updates have been reflected in the searchable catalog featured
on their new website.

Since 1976, Nova has been manufacturing gas analysis equipment for industry. To reflect a
renewed commitment to providing dependable solutions to all customers requiring gas
measurement, they have made their website more comprehensive and easier to navigate.

Visitors are now invited to Nova's website to search the on-line product catalog by gas, by
application, or by analyzer configuration. This improved approach will hopefully assist Nova's
customers and visitors to self-evaluate their analytical applications and obtain pertinent
information more quickly. The new website also allows visitors more opportunity to contact
Nova with questions, comments, or requests.

To find out more, please contact
Nova Analytical Systems Inc. at:
phone - 1-800-295-3771
e-mail -
web -

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