Noshok Announces New Flow-Through Annular Style Seal and New Diaphragm Seal Catalog

NOSHOK’s new Diaphragm Seal Solutions catalog is now available, showcasing our full offering of replaceable and non-replaceable diaphragm seals, including the new Type 40 Flow-Through Annular Style diaphragm seal.

The NOSHOK Flow-Through Annular Style diaphragm seal can be used with a variety of process conditions in many applications including slurries, heavy sludges, chemicals (synthetic polymers), diffusers (flow measurement) and abrasives. When used in high viscosity media applications, the Type 40 eliminates clogging issues and inaccurate pressure readings that are often present when off-line diaphragm seals are employed. Process liquid flowing through the pipe exerts pressure onto a flush-mounted flexible inner cylinder containing clean, captive liquid, completely isolating instrumentation from the process flow and preventing plugging.

The new NOSHOK Diaphragm Seal Solutions catalog presents our complete offering of standard elevated pressure, and reduced pressure replaceable and non-replaceable diaphragm seals.

NOSHOK diaphragm seals are available with a variety of connection sizes, as well as o-ring and housing materials, for a wide range of applications, and are backed by an industry-leading warranty. We also offer accessories including capillaries, cooling elements and sanitary clamps and gaskets.

If you have questions regarding NOSHOK products or services, please contact our Customer Support department at 440.243.0888.

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