NorthTree Associates Announces Representation of Meilhaus MEphisto 7-in1 Oscilloscopes

The Meilhaus MEphisto Scope is a USB-powered multi-functional instrument that delivers the functionality of seven instruments in one box.

The MEphisto Scope is a multi-functional, universal instrument including a 2-channel 16 bit digital storage oscilloscope, a spectrum analyzer with FFT, a volt meter, a logic analyzer, a data logger and 24-channels of digital-I/O. This universal instrument has a rugged metal housing. The UM203 version acts as stand-alone logger and writes the captured data to an SD-card. The new MEphistoLab2 software package increases the productivity of the MEphisto Scope UM20x even more!

Originally, the MEphisto Scope was designed to be a multi-functional USB oscilloscope. Various enhancements in hardware and firmware have turned the device into a flexible USB DAQ box and Dataloggers, combined with several measurement instruments. The device is now taking a new step ahead with the new software MEphistoLab2 and the integration into the Meilhaus Electronic driver system ME-iDS.

• Rugged USB module with 7 instruments in one.

• UM203 with additional offline/stand-alone logging functionality: Writes the captured data to an SD-card.

• Excessively low-power: UM202 power supply via USB, ultra-low power 0.85 W. UM203 in offline mode: External power supply (included).

• 16 bit resolution. 1 MS/s total sampling rate, up to 2x 1 MS/s simultaneous sampling. Analog bandwidth 1 MHz. Memory for measurement data 256 kS.

• BNC connectors for reliable connectivity of standard probes.

• ±300 VDC overload protection.

• Multiple trigger modes: Threshold, window, edge, slew rate (dV/dt), external, and manual.

• USB 2.0 full-speed (compatible with USB 1.1). USB cable included.

Meilhaus Electronic GmbH, situated in Alling near Munich, is one of the leading European designers, producers and sales companies for PC-based data acquisition and interface technology. Since 1977, Meilhaus Electronic GmbH has been offering know-how, innovative designs and individual, custom-specific, EMC compatible solutions for professional data acquisition and control.

Established in 2004, NorthTree Associates (Cologne, MN) is a North American distributor that provides unique electronic test measurement tools for design engineers, test engineers and production engineers.

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