Norse ShutterUp® Hurricane Latches Receive Product Approvals After Stringent Agency Reviews

Norse's quick-hang hurricane latching system for storm shutters has received product approvals in two of America's most hurricane-prone states.

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation has issued ShutterUp Latches a Florida Building Code Product Approval (FPA# 15640). Additionally, the Texas Department of Insurance has approved ShutterUp Latches (SHU-197) for use in designated catastrophe areas on the Texas Gulf Coast. Carrying approvals in these states, which have the nation's most rigorous testing regimens, ensures contractors and homeowners in any state that ShutterUp Latching Systems provide bona-fide hurricane protection. Shutterup latches have been installed in states across the country.

ShutterUp latches have also been independently tested to meet ASTM E330, E1866 and E1996 standards for protection against atmospheric pressure and storm-driven debris.

ShutterUp Latches have been available since 2009, providing a do-it-yourself alternative to expensive custom window shutters. Properly installed, they protect windows and doors, sliding doors, store fronts, bay windows and picture windows.

Key features of ShutterUp Latches include: clamping force of 500 lbs each latch; installs on stucco, block, brick and wood; covers angular and large openings; powder-coated steel construction; once installed, shutters hang in as little as 15 seconds.

ShutterUp latches are available in six kits: surface mounting; flush mounting; side-by-side mounting; mounting around corners; attaching to window sills; and attaching to flooring. Kits ship with mounting hardware and installation template.

Engineering assistance is always available for optimal latch and receiver selection.

Contractor discounts are available. Contractors should contact the factory.

ShutterUp Latches can be purchased online at:

About Norse Latches

Since 1960, Norse Inc. has engineered and manufactured America's most versatile latching systems with literally thousands of configurations possible. Sales are worldwide. Proprietary spring-loaded latching mechanism provides high clamping forces from 200 to over 500 pounds. Latches are vibration proof, surface mounted or mortised, remotely operable, gangable, with steel construction and various plating options. Sealed units available. For wood, metal, plastic and other applications including: military enclosures, aircraft emergency exit ramps, hurricane shutters, security shutters for seasonal home closure, electronic cabinets, exhibits and displays, machine enclosures, pre-fab structures, pre-fab furniture, windows, doors, sectional walls, sectional flooring, kiosks, store fixtures, industrial hoods, sealed cases, shields, clamping devices, stair rails, quick release machine guards, wall attachments, stage sets and props, shipping crates, sealed containers, display and instrument cases, access panels, refrigerator rooms, saunas, camper caps, trailer covers, solar panels, countertops and conference tables, accent columns, etc.

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