Norplex-Micarta Announces Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

POSTVILLE, IA - Norplex-Micarta, the leading manufacturer of high performance thermoset composites, has recently expanded its services to offer contract manufacturing. This service can be used to enhance a customer's manufacturing capabilities, or to augment their existing capacity for high-volume production. Norplex-Micarta is already providing contract manufacturing services for multiple material manufacturers, as well as various anti-ballistic materials for major military manufacturers.

Norplex-Micarta is the leading manufacturer of high performance thermoset composites. Norplex-Micarta's vast product line serves power generation, military/aerospace, oil & gas, medical devices, electrical devices, electronics assembly, construction, heavy industry, and transportation markets throughout Europe, Asia/Pacific, and The Americas.

About Norplex-Micarta

Norplex-Micarta is located at 665 Lybrand Street, Postville, IA 52162; Tel: 563-864-7321; Fax: 563-864-4231; E-mail:; Web:

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