NORMA® Exhaust Clamp Adds Pre-positioner

WIXOM, MICH APRIL 25, 2006... The NORMACONNECT® SEC (Spherical Exhaust Clamp) compensates for misalignments, is guaranteed against leakage, and is now available with a pre-positioner that simplifies exhaust pipe assembly.

The NORMACONNECT® SEC provides superior angular compliance, compensating for misalignment of up to 5°. On one leading North American sport utility vehicle, it actually helps align the dual exhaust pipes while maintaining system integrity. The clamp is pre-positioned with a slotted tab that quickly mates with a pin welded to the pipe.

A patented spherical design helps the SEC connect pipes reliably without slippage or damage, even under high axial loads. It can withstand relatively high torsional and bending torque without the pipe deformation common with conventional band clamps, and reduces weight by approximately 75 percent. The SEC is guaranteed not to leak more than two liters per minute when properly specified and installed on a pipe whose ends are properly formed. It comes in many standard diameters, from 45mm to 90mm.

NORMACONNECT® SEC clamps are made of corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel. The screw (TORX® or hex) and trunnions are made of carbon steel, coated (Chromium VI-free) for long life. These clamps are generally used in cold applications, such as post-catalyst, before and after mufflers and diesel particulate matter filters, and in tailpipe connections

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