Nobur® JA Series Automatic Recessing Tool Allows Faster Production Time

Cycle time is reduced by more than 94% as Nobur Recessing replaces circular interpolation for grooving operation manufacturer of hydraulic valves had to machine two O-ring grooves in a spool valve bore. They were circular interpolating one groove at a time with a key slot cutter. The approximate cycle time with this method was six minutes per part.

The grooving operation was a bottleneck in their manufacturing process. With the use of the Nobur JA Automatic Recessing tool from Cogsdill, both grooves were machined simultaneously for a total cycle time of only 20 seconds per part.

The customer­s fixture holds 16 piece parts; for grooving all 16 parts, the total cycle time is reduced from 96 minutes to 5.33 minutes, for a total cycle time reduction of more than 94%!

Machining data

Tool type: Nobur® JA Series Automatic recessing tool

Machine type: Vertical machining center

Material type: Cast iron

Spindle speed: 250 RPM

Feed rate: .004 IPR (.10 mm/rev)

Cycle time: 20 seconds per part

Coolant: Water soluble oil

Cogsdill Tool Products offers a wide array of standard tooling and a broad range of solutions for burnishing including: Standard Roll-a-Finish tools for IDs and ODs; Special designs for tapers, faces and contours; Single-roll and diamond tools for ODs, large IDs, faces, tapers, contours, and irregular surfaces; CX external burnishing machines for shafts or cylindrical surfaces of any length. Parts are sized, finished, and work-hardened in seconds! Refer to our catalog no. 500, Burnishing Tools and Machines, for more information.

In 1914 Stuart A. Cogsdill set up shop in Detroit as a cutting tool regrinding and repair service. He soon began designing and manufacturing special tools for early automotive pioneers such as Henry Ford and the Dodge brothers. Today Cogsdill Tool still offers its 21st century customers the same commitment that inspired its founder: We will develop and build innovative tooling solutions for your tough manufacturing problems. Cogsdill has two operating units, one in the United States and one in the United Kingdom:


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