Noble Industries Metal Fabrication Company Acquires Madsen Wire

NOBLESVILLE, Ind., Jan. 19, 2012 - Noble Industries, a leading Indianapolis metal fabrication company, announced today the acquisition of assets and business of Madsen Wire, a wire fabrication partner for many years.

Madsen Wire is a custom steel wire fabrication company providing wire forming and wire grid work for shelving, wire guards, wire baskets, cargo barriers, point of purchase displays and other component assemblies. Their services include wire forming, straightening, MIG/TIG Welding and more, with both small and large production runs. In looking at their capabilities and their current customer list, they shared a lot of common products and industries served with Noble Industries.

"We are excited about the prospect of adding to our presence in the tube fabrication and wire forming capabilities along with giving Madsen Wire the ability to offer full-service metal fabrication with services offered here at Noble Industries," said Brenda Snyder, Vice President of Sales for Noble Industries. "The announcement of the acquisition to current Madsen Wire customers has brought excitement and increased interest in our world-class metal fabrication services."

The management and employees at Madsen Wire will be a welcome addition to the Noble Industries team, adding a new dimension in processing capabilities. Madsen Wire will remain a separate entity and remain in Orland, Indiana.

Noble Industries predicts increased sales and added employees for both companies going forward, setting up Noble Industries to evaluate future acquisition. Noble Industries plans to continue their steady growth through investment in the latest metal fabricating technologies, diligently maintaining an experienced and educated workforce.

"This is definitely a great move for both companies," said Snyder. "We look forward to adding new employees to our company as our consumer base expands."

For more information on the acquisition, or to find out how Noble Industries can meet your design, custom metal fabrication, powder coating and fulfillment needs, call 800-466-1926 or visit

About Noble Industries:

Founded in 1969, Indianapolis metal fabrication company Noble Industries has been providing cutting edge metal fabrication and manufacturing solutions for over 40 years. In addition to world-class metal fabrication solutions, they offer tube bending and fabrication, powder coating, and much more. Through leadership and training they continue to provide superior services and products for a devoted customer base.

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