Nine Fasteners, Inc. Wire Management Clips Last Much Longer, and Can be Installed Quicker, than Competitors' Ties

Hopkinton, Mass. — Nine Fasteners Inc. knows that customers in the solar field have a lot of choices when it comes to purchasing fasteners for their solar array projects.

So they set out to prove conclusively that only their stainless steel wire management clips meet the 25-year solar array warranty requirements, and that they can be assembled in 1/4th the time compared to plastic/nylon ties.

In independent testing, Massachusetts-based Nine Fasteners was challenged by a potential customer to prove that their wire management clips could save solar installers time and energy on a project over plastic/nylon wire ties.

And so in a timed test completed recently, the Nine Fasteners team assembled a system of stainless steel wire management clips in a solar panel in one-quarter of the time it took to assemble a panel using nylon-based wire ties.

With such a marked difference in assembly time, it's clear that using one of Nine Fasteners' four varieties of wire fastener clips would allow solar array installers the chance to get more work done quickly, freeing up workers to take on other parts of the project and saving time, money and energy.

The other major advantage to Nine Fasteners' clips is that unlike plastic/nylon ties, Nine Fasteners' clips have a guaranteed 20-25 year warranty, something nylon/plastic clips can't come close to matching.

The accompanying chart shows that Nine Fasteners' stainless steel material, using BOS (balance of systems) components, won't suffer the same consequences of nylon/plastic ties, often being degraded by exposure, moisture, stress loading, dryness or high temperatures.

Only Nine Fasteners' clips will give customers the durability and reliability needed to match a 20-25 years warranty.

Nine Fasteners will be displaying its stainless steel wire management clips at the upcoming Solar Power International Show in Chicago, from Oct. 22-24. There will be more than 3,000 vendors displaying their wares, and Nine Fasteners will be present as always to display its clips and illustrate that there's really no competitor for its fasteners when it comes to reliable service and guaranteed quality.

To learn more about Nine Fasteners, Inc., call them at 1-800-539-3939, or visit their website at

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